The Business: Accelerating Smart City Development

bee smart city was founded in 2017 by experienced professionals and smart city experts. Our goal is to accelerate the development of prosperous and livable smart cities and communities around the globe.

The smart city market is currently neither transparent nor digitalized. bee smart city provides an efficient toolset for smart city analysis and for facilitating collaboration and the successful implementation of the best smart city solutions available.

To achieve its mission, bee smart city partners with leading organizations, associations as well as solution providers. The global bee smart city hub and the smart city solution database greatly increase transparency and the visibility of cities, companies and other smart city actors.

Make a difference - be a bee

The Founders of bee smart city

"Bart" Bartosz Adam Gorynski

Bart is the strategic mind in our team. With his passion and proven ability to build a vision and strategy for a successful company, he pushes us permanently forward.

"Alex" Dr. Alexander Gelsin

Alex is our product lead. Based on his professional expertise, he possesses the skills to transform a vision into a cutting-edge product!

"Tom" Thomas Mueller

Tom is our marketing and sales lead. His expertise in working with companies and the public sector as well as his extensive network helps bringing our product to market.