Guideline for Smart Sustainable Cities

The concept of smart sustainable cities is developing into an omnipresent topic which includes the pursuit of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the (digital) transformation of a community’s infrastructure, processes, and services.

But what makes a community “smart and sustainable” and how can you further develop your community into a smart sustainable city?

To answer these questions, this application-oriented guideline for practitioners was developed. It offers concrete steps for the practice-oriented transformation of your community to a “smart sustainable city”.

A preparatory step introduces the relevant smart city and sustainability topics (development timeline, a definition and scope of the concept) to prepare you for pragmatic communication with all project stakeholders. The following three action steps systematically accelerate the advancement of your community into a smart sustainable city, and the development of a solutions ecosystem. This process can be customized to each community – regardless of its size or geographical location.

The three action steps include checklists and presentations that you can use and integrate into your daily work routine. They contain recommendations from international practices, which you can enhance with your own ideas.

The guide enables you to systematically transform your community into a sustainably prosperous and more livable place which is needs-oriented, putting the individual – rather than technology – as the central focus.


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Guideline for Smart Sustainable Cities

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