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From smart district development concepts to smart solutions for buildings and tenants.

Our Services for your Real Estate Company

For public and private sector real estate companies increasingly recognize that the development of smart districts and smart buildings as well as the optimization of their asset management represent huge opportunities to maintain and foster their competitiveness. Furthermore, they realize that new smart solutions based on IoT and other technologies enable business extensions for existing clients and tenants/residents. At bee smart city we help real estate companies to develop smart district and smart building concepts, we provide relevant market insights and provide access to existing and new solutions for smart districts, buildings and homes. In addition, we market development projects and solutions globally through a focused mix of marketing and media services.  

Access Smart Building and Resident Services Solutions on bee smart city

Access to Solutions

Access smart building, district and tenant/resident services solutions globally via the global solution network and community of bee smart city. Connect with thousands of members that offer solutions or search for business partnerships and projects.

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Real Estate Advisory Services

Advisory Services

We provide specialized advisory services to real estate companies with a focus on smart district and smart building concepts as well as on the identification and assessment of related solutions and providers to optimize asset management and tenant/resident relations and services.

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Marketing and Media Services for Real Estate Companies

Marketing & Media Services

We help you to market your district and building (re-)development projects globally to strengthen your market position, to generate new leads from local governments and businesses from around the world as well as to find partners for specific solutions, services and innovation projects. 

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Smart District and Building Market Insights

Market Insights

Through our global smart city knowledge center, we provide you with the latest information on smart city, district and building topics. Learn about cities that act to change the return-risk profile of their location and real estate assets through future-oriented urban transformation.

Smart City Knowledge Center

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