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Smart City Solutions

Smart city solutions help cities to provide better services, to increase government efficiency and to tackle major challenges with the ultimate goal of creating a more livable, sustainable and prosperous city or community. In our solutions section, we cover new and proven solutions across all six smart city indicators - Smart Economy, Environment, Government, Living, Mobility, and People - to provide you with the right knowledge to help you identify and assess suitable solutions. To deep-dive into hundreds of solutions and to connect with thousands of experts and practitioners, join the global smart city network and community.
Thomas Mueller3 min read

AcceliCITY offers paid pilot projects for smart city startups

bee smart city partner Leading Cities is now accepting applications for its second edition of the AcceliCITY smart city startup ...
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Mike Barlow and Cornelia Levy-Bencheton5 min read

Cities in Motion: The Unintended Consequences of New Technology

If the science fiction writers of the 1950s had been right, most of us today would travel around in flying cars and pneumatic ...
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Jon Glasco10 min read

Smart Mobility: Challenges and Solutions in Smart Cities

Urban mobility is described as the lifeblood of modern cities, a critical economic factor, and a facilitator of smart, ...
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Zigurat Global Institute of Technology6 min read

Smart Buildings: Bio-Climatic Solutions for Building Ventilation

A recurring theme in architecture and construction engineering is that of "sick buildings". In our eagerness to control all the ...
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Thomas Mueller2 min read

Thinxtra launches Sigfox LPWA IoT Network for Smart City Hong Kong

On the 1st of November, Sigfox's exclusive network operator Thinxtra showcased the start of its territory-wide low-power ...
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Dr. Alexander Gelsin1 min read

Smart Waste Management Solutions for Smart Cities

A growing number of cities around the globe are testing smart waste management solutions to create higher efficiency in terms ...
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Thomas Mueller2 min read

Smart Urban Street Furniture Solutions in Smart Cities

Self-powered smart urban street furniture can help cities and communities to increase the attractivity of public spaces by ...
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