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“Zigurat has trained more than 1,300 professionals from all over the world at a very high level of Building Information Modelling Management applied to the fields of civil engineering and architecture. Now, with advanced master’s degrees in Smart Cities we cover the entire sector in terms of new technologies and its digital transformation. Zigurat is pleased to participate in leading international platforms such as bee smart city, where professional can be aware of the latest trends in an easy way.”

Rafael Riera,
Director of the BIM and Smart Cities Department



BIM & Smart Cities Department

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology offers master’s programs in Structural Engineering, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Smart Cities. Zigurat has been training professionals for over 15 years and has built a large alumni network of over 65,000 professionals. Zigurat’s master’s programs are hands-on and collaborative, meant to fully prepare students with practical experience as well as an up to date and global approach.


Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

Zigurat acknowledges the global framework of the industry, its evolution and necessities, and, as a result, focuses on providing services customized for the specific requirements of each country, discipline and individual.

The culture of Zigurat is characterized by collaborative work at all levels. In this way, we create a network of companies and experts of the industry as well as successful future professionals, leading the industry towards new challenges. This value is expressed to the participant through Zigurat’s community, where all members receive necessary support from the academic team, advice from other professionals and the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

The fundamental foundations of Zigurat are continuous improvement to remain in top positions in search of the best work methodologies, optimization of business processes and constant market research to understand the industry’s unmet needs, thus creating new businesses.


Education for Smarter More Sustainable Cities

Zigurat equips professionals with the knowledge and competencies necessary to become future industry leaders. The institution engages with students by providing the resources for their development and a professional direction enhanced with an educational excellence. The business partners, program directors and the entire academic team are composed of the experts of their fields, who transmit their knowledge from their experience through the immersive methodology, which is driven by results and the market.



Zigurat considers the economic, social and environmental sustainability of any activity to be essential for growth and achieving success in new markets. The company is also aware of the especially poor environmental management of the construction industry, hence its training in ‘best practices’ collaborates to move towards a more sustainable society.


Explore Zigurat's Master’s Programs

Zigurat’s master’s programs are hands-on and collaborative, meant to fully prepare students with practical experience as well as an up to date and global approach. Learn more about the unique programs of Zigurat Global Institute of Technology here:

Master’s in Smart Cities

Master’s in Global BIM Management 

Master’s in Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects 



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