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Who we are & what we do

bee smart city is a specialized digital software and consulting company dedicated to empowering municipalities to successfully manage the transformation towards smart and sustainable cities and regions.

Our primary customers are municipalities - cities and regions - and municipal subsidiaries that need support in the transformation towards becoming smart and utilizing the benefits of digital transformation.

Smart City Toolbox

With the Smart City Toolbox - a unique software-as-a-service solution for cities and regions - we enable the effective management of municipal strategies and corresponding projects digitally and collaboratively in one place across departments, municipal subsidiaries and partnering organizations.

Smart City Consulting

bee smart city advises cities and regions in the development and implementation of Smart City/Smart Region strategies and solutions as well as related funding applications. In addition, we act as external smart city program managers for cities to help in successful multi-project management and provide technical and strategic advice to municipalities.

Our customers include cities and districts such as the cities of Amberg, Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, Krefeld, Lünen, Münster and Schwerte or districts such as Bernkastel-Wittlich, Borken and Neustadt an der Waldnaab.

Besides the public sector, we also serve private sector businesses - especially smart city solution providers and event organizers.

Smart City Tender Service

bee smart city offers a unique smart city tender service that gives solution providers access to newly published smart city tenders worldwide. Individual search and filter functions as well as alerts ease the search for and identification of suitable tenders. The service includes access to award notices to identify competitors or potential cooperation partners. Interested parties can test the service via a free 14-day trial access.

Media Services for Companies

Solution providers and event organizers use our media services to reach their target audiences in the smart city sector through our extensive network and blog. Media services include banner ads, sponsored content articles along with direct mail, newsletter insertion, and social media seeding.

Smart City Platform (& Whitelabel Solution)

With more than 14,000 members from 170 countries, bee smart city operates the largest free smart city online network and community where smart city professionals can share knowledge, learn, and gain market insights.

The platform is also available as a white-label solution for organizations that want to foster collaboration between different stakeholders.

"We empower cities and regions to effectively transform into Smart Cities & Regions, shaping a more sustainable and livable future for all."

Our mission at bee smart city

Meet the bee smart city team

Our achievements are a direct result of our dedicated, exceptionally skilled, and driven team. We take immense pride in our diverse team members, ranging from hardworking students to committed full-time employees, who play a key role in helping us fulfil our mission. Discover more about our exceptional team members below.

  • Management
  • Consulting
  • Software Development
  • Marketing & Sales
Dr. Alexander Gelsin, Managing Partner, bee smart city GmbH
Dr. Alexander Gelsin Managing Partner
Bart Gorynski, Managing Partner, bee smart city GmbH
Bart Gorynski Managing Partner
Thomas Müller, Managing Partner, bee smart city GmbH
Thomas Müller Managing Partner
Thomas Müller, Managing Partner, bee smart city GmbH
Thomas Müller Head of Smart City & Region Consulting
Dr. Alexander Gelsin, Managing Partner, bee smart city GmbH
Dr. Alexander Gelsin Deputy Head of Smart City & Region Consulting
Phil Brüggemann, bee smart city GmbH
Phil Brüggemann Consultant Smart City & Region
Sophie Köhler, Consultant Smart City & Region, bee smart city
Sophie Köhler Consultant Smart City & Region
Simon Vennemann bee smart city GmbH
Simon Vennemann Consultant Smart City & Region
Nora Wenig bee smart city GmbH
Nora Wenig Working Student Smart City & Region Consulting
Dr. Alexander Gelsin, Managing Partner, bee smart city GmbH
Dr. Alexander Gelsin Head of Product & Software Development
Eicke-Christian Ramcke, bee smart city GmbH
Eike-Christian Ramcke Senior Software Engineer
Marcel Sprada, bee smart city GmbH
Marcel Sprada Senior Software Engineer
Robin Wegner, bee smart city GmbH
Robin Wegner Software Development & UX-Design
Medhat Sedhom, bee smart city GmbH
Medhat Sedhom Junior Software Developer
Jennifer Svedberg, bee smart city GmbH
Jennifer Svedberg Customer Success Manager
Marc Czieslick, bee smart city GmbH
Marc Czieslick Working Student Conception & UX
Judah Boadu, bee smart city GmbH
Judah Boadu Working Student Conception & UX
Sören Wicke Iurgel, bee smart city GmbH
Sören Wicke Iurgel Working Student Software Engineering
Nicole Becker bee smart city GmbH
Nicole Becker Marketing & Communications Manager
Joe Appleton bee smart city GmbH
Joe Appleton Editorial Director and Media Relations
Kimberly Rittner bee smart city GmbH
Kimberly Rittner Social Media Marketing Manager
Jens Steimann bee smart city GmbH
Jens Steimann Head of Digital Sales
Anna-Maria Krietemeyer bee smart city GmbH
Anna-Maria Krietemeyer Working Student Market Research

Our Corporate Values

Agility & Flexibility We work with agility and flexibility and respond quickly to new challenges.  
Committed to the SDG'S We are committed to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.  
Global Scope We empower cities and regions worldwide to become smarter and more sustainable.  
open & innovative Our culture is built on openness and equality as prerequisites for creativity and innovation.  
team spirit Collaboration, open communication, appreciation, and team spirit are the ingredients driving our success.  
work-life balance Work-life balance is the foundation for a motivated, and productive team to achieve our mission.  
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  • bee smart city speaking at Smart City Expo World Congress

Company Milestones

  • bee smart city Founders @Kerstin Boegeholz

    2017 - Foundation of bee smart city

    After embarking on an extraordinary Everest Trek in 2017, our three co-founders, Dr. Alexander Gelsin, Bart Gorynski, and Thomas Müller, made an inspired decision to quit their jobs and establish bee smart city as a limited liability company in the city of Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.

  • bee-smart-city-network-community

    2018 - Go-Live of our Smart City Network

    At the beginning of 2018, we joyfully marked the launch of our worldwide smart city network and community. Presently, the platform boasts over 14,000 members from 170 countries, engaging with one another, exchanging ingenious solutions, and sharing their profound smart city expertise.

  • bee-smart-city-team-workshop

    2019 - Entered Smart City Consulting

    In 2019, we ventured into the realm of consulting, dedicated to assisting cities and communities on their path to becoming intelligent cities and regions. Our consulting business has flourished since then, and we take great pride in having assisted countless large and small cities, as well as regions, predominantly in the German market.

  • bee-smart-city-tender-premium-free-trial

    2021 - Start of our Tender Service

    In 2021, our innovative Smart City Tender Service was introduced exclusively for Solution Providers. By subscribing to our premium service on our global smart city network and community, these companies gain unparalleled access to a wealth of newly issued smart city tenders and award notices.

  • Smart City Toolbox - Strategy and Project Management Application for Cities and Regions

    2023 - Launch of the Smart City Toolbox

    After extensive research and collaboration with cities, our team is proud to introduce our newest innovation for urban development in 2023: the Smart City Toolbox. This groundbreaking SaaS application empowers cities to efficiently and collaboratively oversee the execution of their strategies and projects, all in one convenient digital platform.


Discover how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs and work together towards achieving your goals. Let's have a conversation about you and explore the ways we can assist you or collaborate effectively.