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Tune in to our captivating podcast and expand your knowledge on a wide array of Smart City topics.

The Smart City Podcast

Our podcast episodes cover a wide range of subjects related to smart cities and smart regions, providing listeners with insights into the latest trends and developments in this field.

  • Smart Bytes - Quick and Engaging Content: 
    Our "Smart Bytes" segment offers short, easily digestible content perfect for busy schedules. Whether you're on your way to your car, riding the bus, or have about 10 minutes to spare, these bite-sized pieces are ideal for a quick, informative listen.

  • Expert Interviews on Future Trends: 
    We feature a variety of interview partners who discuss future trends and other relevant topics. These conversations offer depth and perspective on emerging issues in smart city development.

  • Panel Discussions on Smart City Themes: 
    Our podcast includes engaging panel discussions that delve into various smart city topics, such as innovative mobility solutions and other intriguing themes.

  • Professional Tips for Smartivists: 
    Listeners can also gain valuable insights from the pros on how to delve deeper into the smart city industry.


"With our podcast, we provide a valuable platform for all Smart City enthusiasts to stay informed about the latest and greatest in Smart City topics. Through our insightful smart bytes, engaging interviews, and thought-provoking panel discussions with city representatives, we delve into the cutting-edge subjects that shape the future of cities."

Thomas Müller, Managing Partner, bee smart city GmbH
Thomas MüllerManaging Partner

Our Podcast Episodes


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