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Features of the Smart City Toolbox

The Smart City Toolbox is a user-friendly strategy and (multi)project management application specifically designed to meet the needs of municipalities. With its core functionalities, the Toolbox simplifies the control and collaborative implementation of municipal strategies and projects by consolidating all information in a secure digital space.

Projects & Project Profiles

Project lists with search and filter options, along with comprehensive project pages featuring interactive profiles, help streamline project management and offer diverse evaluation options for projects and their implementation status.

Smart City Toolbox - Project Details

Work Packages & Tasks

To ensure successful implementation, projects can be broken down into work packages, tasks and sub-tasks. In this way, work in collaborative project teams is structured transparently and efficiently.
Smart City Toolbox - Project Management

Status Reports

Monthly and weekly status reports support the documentation of project planning and implementation progress and enable teams and decision-makers to derive priorities and the next implementation steps.

Smart City Toolbox - Status Reports


Full chat functionality and comment features enable necessary coordination and foster collaboration via context-specific communication.
Smart City Toolbox - Communication

Analytics & Evaluation

Strategies and projects can be comprehensively evaluated and statistically analyzed. The evaluations can be visually presented in a clear and organized manner.
Smart City Toolbox - Analytics and Evaluation


Notifications for many processes can be switched on via email and in the application. They help you not to lose sight of the important things and to keep you focused.

Smart City Toolbox - Notifications

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