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Over the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of smart city events. From webinars and smaller conferences to grand fairs, exhibitions, and online/offline summits, the options are endless. However, this surge in events has made it increasingly challenging to keep track of the most important and influential smart city gatherings worldwide.

  • As a solution provider, it is essential for you to seize the opportunity to exhibit your innovative solutions, introduce new products, and expand your network to generate valuable leads at top smart cities conferences.
  • As a city or community, stay informed about the latest advancements in the smart city market, discover innovative solutions and trends, and engage in knowledge sharing with other municipalities and public sector organizations.
  • If you are organizing a smart city event, don't hesitate to reach out to us and have your event listed.

Through our comprehensive smart city event listing, we are dedicated to helping you uncover the most valuable online and offline gatherings, including conferences, expos, and summits. As trusted partners of numerous renowned smart city events, we have the privilege of offering you exclusive discounts for attending or exhibiting at top-notch conferences, expos, or events. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you in person at an upcoming smart cities event.

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Premium Events


July 25, 2024 - Lilongwe, MALAWI

African Smart Cities Congress 2024

The African Smart Cities Congress stands as a beacon of transformative urban progress, showcasing itself as the world’s premier event in the realm of urban innovation. The congress serves as a powerful nexus, uniting visionaries and leaders from the most groundbreaking companies, governments, and organizations. Our mission is clear: to propel cities forward, relentlessly steering them towards a brighter, more sustainable future. As we gather the brightest minds and boldest innovators, we don’t just talk about change—we make it happen.

Join us from July 25-27, 2024 in Lilongwe (Malawi) as we redefine the urban landscape, one innovation at a time. Your city’s future starts here.


November 5, 2024 - Barcelona, SPAIN

Smart City Expo World Congress 2024

Smart City Expo World Congress (Barcelona, November 5-7, 2024) is the leading international event for the smart city sector, a key meeting point for experts and leaders of the world’s most innovative cities, companies, research centers and international organizations. Over 25,000 professionals are expected from more than 800 cities and over 500 international speakers that will share their vision on how to build a more sustainable and livable urban future.

Upcoming Events


July 25, 2024 - Lilongwe, MALAWI

African Smart Cities Congress 2024

The African Smart Cities Congress stands as a beacon of transformative urban progress, showcasing itself as the world’s premier event in the realm of urban innovation. The congress serves as a powerful nexus, uniting visionaries and leaders from the most groundbreaking companies, governments, and organizations. Our mission is clear: to propel cities forward, relentlessly steering them towards a brighter, more sustainable future. As we gather the brightest minds and boldest innovators, we don’t just talk about change—we make it happen.

Join us from July 25-27, 2024 in Lilongwe (Malawi) as we redefine the urban landscape, one innovation at a time. Your city’s future starts here.

September 3, 2024 - Goyang, SOUTH KOREA

World Smart City Expo 2024

World Smart City Expo 2024 is the largest Smart City related technology exhibition in Asia, where more than 20,000 visitors from 60 countries and 200 cities gather together to build ‘People-centered’ smart cities. World Smart City Expo also is the largest business platform where smart city-related technology, service companies, delegates and decision-makers from around the world gather and share ideas to build better and more sustainable cities for the future. World Smart City Expo 2024 takes place from September 3-5, 2024 at KINTEX in Goyang, South Korea.

September 5, 2024 - Bangkok, THAILAND

LED Expo and Smart Living Expo 2024

Organised under the theme ‘Connected lighting for sustainable living’, the 10th edition of LED Expo Thailand focuses on providing innovative lighting solutions for Sustainable lighting, Energy Efficient Lighting, Healthcare & Social Care Lighting, Horticulture Lighting, Human Centric Lighting, and Smart Lighting. Targeting local as well as international professionals in the industry, the trade fair aims to revolutionise and make a difference in the future of the LED & Smart Lighting industry. 

LED Expo Thailand brings together ‘Energy Efficiency and Digitalisation for SMART Lighting’  under one roof to benefit all stakeholders in the heart of the ASEAN region. The 2024 expo serves as a hub for Thailand’s 400+ leading brands to gather at one platform for extensive networking and lead generation. Smart Living Expo, co-located with LED Expo Thailand is a cutting-edge showcase of innovative technologies and solutions that are revolutionising modern living spaces. The Expo takes place at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand from 5th to 7th September 2024.

September 9, 2024 - Dubai, UAE

Intelligent Urban Cities Summit

IBEX EVENTS - The International Business Exchange, a global provider of cutting-edge business intelligence solutions, will be hosting the Intelligent Urban Cities Summit on the 9th & 10th of September at the Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai, U.A.E, under the theme “Digitally Urbanizing Cities to Improve the Quality of Life of Citizens” which is in line with The Dubai Urban Masterplan 2040.

With multi-billion-dollar investments going into the smart city sector, the region presents a host of sustainable business opportunities for both local and international smart city solution providers. The key objective of this event is to create a global innovations and business exchange platform that is in line with the government's vision to develop a smart integrated urban planning system for cities to improve the quality of life of citizens. This summit will be attended by over 500 delegates from over 20 nations and will host an elite group of “C”-Level Decision Makers, Senior Government Representatives, Key Project Stakeholders, Buyers, Influencers & Investors from across the global smart city sector. 

September 17, 2024 - Houston, TEXAS

Gastech Strategic conference

The Gastech Strategic conference provides a platform for energy leaders to discuss and share critical insights that will help delegates understand the fast-changing dynamics of the global multi-faceted energy market.

Conference sessions will include dialogue on the creation of new energy economies, the key role of natural gas in the energy transition, mobilising investment into new projects, climate technologies and solutions, and the importance of partnerships in achieving net zero ambitions.

Over 300 speakers will take to the Strategic stage over four full days, including Ministers, CEOs, and industry leaders from around the world – with key strategic discussions led by senior experts in policy, business strategy, trading, technology and investments.

Gastech is an essential forum for energy leaders to advance the dialogue on global energy transition and sustainable economic growth through a dynamic agenda that provides a platform to discuss both the challenges we face, and solutions we need to drive us towards an era of low-carbon, and secure, affordable, reliable energy future.

September 18, 2024 - Naples, ITALY

10th FIWARE Global Summit

The 10th FIWARE Global Summit brings together a passionate community eager to share knowledge, develop impactful solutions, and create a lasting difference in the ecosystem. At the 2024 edition, taking place from September 18-19 in Naples (Italy), we continue to build on our collective journey, uniting with industry leaders, innovators, and communities to transform the vast wealth of data into actionable strategies. Together, we are building a future shaped by our shared mission and achievements.

Join us in forging a path toward impactful change, leveraging our ongoing partnerships and the power of collaboration to redefine what’s possible in our digital tomorrow!

September 23, 2024 - Miami (FL), USA

Smart City Expo Miami

Celebrate the 5th annual edition in-person of the SMART CITY EXPO MIAMI, a 3D Live Experience - Disruptive, Diversified and Dynamic. The 3-day conference features in-depth conversations, lectures, and masterclasses with international experts in the urban planning, infrastructure, climate action and business fields from around the world geared toward empowering citizens and decision-makers to work together thoughtfully in accessing their community’s innovative and economic potential. SMART CITY EXPO MIAMI takes place from September 23-25, 2024 at Miami Dade College in the Wolfson Campus Auditorium in Miami, Florida.

September 23, 2024 - Utrecht, NETHERLANDS

Future Green City World Congress

The Future Green City World Congress will be held at the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht, the Netherlands from September 23-26, 2024. This event will bring together over 3,000 experts from around the world to discuss the challenges and solutions for creating sustainable, green, and livable cities. Over four dynamic days, thought leaders and innovators will tackle the pressing issues of climate change, population growth, and urban infrastructure, seeking to blend sustainability, nature, and livability seamlessly into our urban landscapes.

  • Prepare to be inspired by 170 sessions featuring transformative green projects from 32 countries, led by visionary keynote speakers like Kongjian Yu, Adriaan Geuze, and Carine Saloff-Coste.
  • Dive into hands-on experiences with Field Trips XL, exploring cutting-edge initiatives such as the breathtaking Singel in Utrecht and the innovative Seven Cities Project in Rotterdam.
  • Engage in immersive Workshops XL, tackling real-world challenges with top experts, and enjoy the festival-style atmosphere complete with serious games, theatre, and vibrant city-wide programming.
  • Meet industry experts in a unique festival format that will turn the entire city of Utrecht into the visionary capital of liveable green cities with a future!

Future Green City World Congress promises a blend of inspiration, collaboration, and celebration, setting the stage for a greener, more liveable future. Register for participation today!

September 24, 2024 - Riyadh, SAUDI-ARABIA


Launching in September 2024, Smart Cities Saudi Expo is set to revolutionize urban development through the seamless blend of human, robotic, and citizen-centered solutions. During this three-day event, exhibitors and visitors will gain valuable insights into industry trends, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices. Attendees can take advantage of the opportunity to establish significant business connections that can pave the way for collaboration and real-world business opportunities.  The expo takes place at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center from 24. - 26. September 2024.

Meet high-profile decision-makers from private and government sectors, place your products directly in the hands of buyers, and provide a powerful sales message to potential clients. Visit an event packed with expert-led content, knowledge leaders, and the latest products that will drive your business forward.

Smart Cities Saudi Expo is co-located with the Saudi Infrastructure Expo and Global Water Expo. This offers access to the entire spectrum of solutions needed to shape Saudi Arabia's evolving infrastructure landscape. 

September 24, 2024 - Stuttgart, GERMANY


From 24 to 26 September 2024, Messe Stuttgart will be the beating heart of the geospatial community. INTERGEO, a world-leading event for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, gathers together experts and visionary minds from all over the world. With 600 international brands, industry leaders, associations and start-ups, INTERGEO is underlining its position as number one in the geospatial community. The event promotes dialogue between these key stakeholders, encouraging them to network, cooperate and work together to shape the future. As an international platform, INTERGEO offers a global perspective and facilitates cross-border collaboration, with a view to making full use of the potential offered by geoinformation technologies and coordinating a collective response to global challenges.

Geoinformation is the invisible motor that drives today’s society and offers solutions to global challenges. The technologies and applications being showcased at INTERGEO 2024 are diverse. Ranging from the development of smart cities and sustainable agriculture to efficient environmental management, they clearly demonstrate that geodata and its associated applications and tools are of crucial importance – and not just in traditional areas such as navigation and mapping. They are also the key to innovative solutions for managing cross-sector challenges such as climate change, urban expansion and resource management.

INTERGEO 2024 will showcase how geoinformation technologies are driving innovations in many different areas. Alongside core topics, the expo and conference will cover a wide range of subjects, including BIM, Earth observation, digital twins, maritime solutions and current developments on the drone market.

September 26, 2024 - Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Navigate Mobility Summit

Navigate Mobility, taking place from 26-27.09.2024 in Prague, is an essential gathering crafted specifically for professionals within the automotive, shared mobility, and smart cities industries. It aims to serve as the crossroads for collaboration and progress, providing a platform for collective input in determining the trajectory of mobility and transportation. It is your place to: 

  • Engage with industry pioneers and thought leaders as they share their perspectives on the future of urban mobility 
  • Explore technologies and solutions that are reshaping the urban landscape 
  • Connect with like-minded professionals in the field of urban mobility to build valuable relationships and collaborations 
  • Gain inspiration from visionary keynotes addressing the key challenges and opportunities in urban mobility 

October 1, 2024 - London, UK

EV Infrastructure and Energy Summit 2024

The electric vehicle industry has undergone remarkable growth in recent years. Just a decade ago, global electric car sales stood at a modest 130,000 units annually. Today, that figure is eclipsed in a single week. However, as EV sales increase there are two key infrastructure challenges: how do we install the number of chargers needed to support those vehicles and how does the grid manage the additional load? 

Get the answers you are looking for by attending the EV Infrastructure and Energy Summit from October 1-2, 2024 in London. The Summit will encompass all facets of the charging and energy infrastructure needed to accelerate the EV transition. As always, the Summit will bring world-leading EV expertise to London to share the latest insight and case studies with our audience of charge point operators, installers and manufacturers, fleet owners, local authorities, utilities, DNOs, PV and energy storage suppliers, and destination charging locations.

October 9, 2024 - Bilbao, SPAIN & Online

2024 WRLDCTY Urban Summit

WRLDCTY is a global community of urbanists pursuing inclusive, equitable and sustainable approaches to urban development. Join the 2024 WRLDCTY Urban Summit in-person in Bilbao or online from October 9-10, 2024, as we continue a movement to inspire a revolution in urban innovation through in-person urban forums, virtual events, podcasts and seminars with the world’s leading urban designers, placemakers, policymakers and thought leaders.

October 15, 2024 - Berlin, GERMANY

Smart Country Convention 2024

The Smart Country Convention is Germany’s leading event for the digital transformation of the public sector. National and international companies, institutions, organizations, public authorities and associations present their ideas, concepts and solutions for a modern administration and smart cities.

The topics of the Smart Country Convention are more relevant than ever. SCCON 2024 will take place from 15– 17 October 2024 at hub27 on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. Meet political figures, digital experts, business professionals, industry leaders, innovation drivers and technology pioneers who think and make the future.

October 17, 2024 - Tenerife, SPAIN


Dive into the future of urban innovation at the exclusive Urban Metaverse & Smart Cities conference from October 17-18,2024! Scheduled right before the renowned “Smart Cities Expo World Congress” in Barcelona, this business event unfolds in the luxurious ambiance of the Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora in the sunny south of Tenerife.

Connect with 200+ international key stakeholders: urban planners, technology gurus, investors, experts, government officials, and academics specialized in urban development. Cutting-edge discussions: Engage in forward-thinking dialogues on the integration of metaverse technologies into smart city planning.

This conference is a must-attend for: Professionals interested in the forefront of smart city technologies. Decision-makers seeking to integrate innovative Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence concepts into urban development, Individuals eager to explore new dimensions of technology in urban planning.

November 5, 2024 - Barcelona, SPAIN

Smart City Expo World Congress 2024

Smart City Expo World Congress (Barcelona, November 5-7, 2024) is the leading international event for the smart city sector, a key meeting point for experts and leaders of the world’s most innovative cities, companies, research centers and international organizations. Over 25,000 professionals are expected from more than 800 cities and over 500 international speakers that will share their vision on how to build a more sustainable and livable urban future.

November 19, 2024 - Madrid, SPAIN

Global Mobility Call 2024

Global Mobility Call, the international platform leading the sustainable mobility of the future, will hold its third edition from 19 to 21 November 2024, organised by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub. The aim is to become the sector’s benchmark once again for the industries and the different public and private actors forming part of the framework that today drives projects, strategies and developments aimed at managing the sustainable movement of people and goods.
The GMC joint Conference and Exhibition format will once again be the main window of opportunities, proposals and innovative solutions to the challenges posed by the development of sustainable mobility, concentrating the participation of the leading firms in each of the sectors involved, and exchanging information, experiences and knowledge between sector leaders, as well as sharing and participating in the highest network of business contacts.
In 2023, the GMC Congress section closed with 8,000 attendees from 37 countries and nearly 10,000 people followed the event on its LiveConnect digital platform. In total, more than 120 round tables of the sector and conferences were held with the participation of more than 500 speakers, 40% of whom were international, including professionals, public representatives and CEOs of large national and international companies.

November 20, 2024 - Riyadh, SAUDI-ARABIA

Mobility Live Saudi 2024

MOBILITY LIVE is where innovators, their state of-the-art technologies, and industry leaders from diverse transportation sectors come together to participate in discussions, cultivate valuable insights, and promote collaboration. It’s the region’s central meeting placing where groundbreaking technology and creative concepts spark essential transformations in the urban transport landscape, shaping the future of mobility.

December 3, 2024 - Austin (TX), USA

Smart Cities Connect Fall Conference & Expo 2024

Smart cities have evolved from a futuristic vision into a tangible reality, creating fundamental impact for people and the planet. From pilot projects that showcase innovative technologies to enduring infrastructure investments, smart city solutions align with urban challenges.

This fall, at Smart Cities Connect from December 3-5, 2024 in Austin (TX), we will delve into the critical aspects, strategies, and collaborative approaches required to foster sustainable transformations within city communities. The conference will bring together thought leaders, urban planners, technologists, policymakers, researchers, and industry experts to discuss and dissect the multifaceted dimensions of catalyzing lasting change in urban settings. By fostering a collaborative environment where diverse stakeholders can exchange ideas, insights, and experiences, Smart Cities Connect generates a roadmap for cities. Attendees will leave equipped with the knowledge and strategies required to steer smart cities towards sustained, meaningful transformations.

February 11, 2025 - Essen, GERMANY

E-world energy & water 2025

E-world energy & water is the place where the European energy industry comes together. Serving as an information platform for the energy sector, E-world is gathering international decision-makers in Essen each year. More than one-fifth of the exhibiting companies are based abroad. The majority of international exhibitors come from countries of the European Union. E-world energy & water 2025 takes place from February 11-13, 2025 in Essen, Germany.

March 19, 2025 - New Delhi, INDIA

10th Smart Cities India Expo

The Smart Cities India expo is a showcase of India’s emerging modernization and developing landscape. The expo showcases the integration of transformative technologies with the key pillars of urban development, i.e., Green Buildings, Rooftop Solar, Renewable and clean energy, Clean Environment, Clean Water, Water Conservation, Urban Mobility, and the use of Smart ICT solutions for optimizing resources that make cities smart and sustainable.

The expo, taking place from March 19-21, 2025 in New Delhi, expects participation from over 55,000 industry visitors, over 1,200 manufacturing brands and tech companies from 40+ countries, 350 startups, and over 200 senior Government officials, industry leaders, Smart City CEOs, city planners, Mayors, Ambassadors, and stakeholders from India and around the globe.

May 21, 2025 - Berlin, GERMANY



Where the global tech community meets to discover new market opportunities.

GITEX EUROPE, 21-23 May 2025 at Messe Berlin, Germany: highlighting the $3 trillion valued European tech industry. A comprehensive digital transformation vision centered around talent development, innovation, and future-focused, purpose-driven tech investment.

June 11, 2025 - Cologne, GERMANY

polisMOBILITY 2025

polisMOBILITY expo & conference is the leading cross-sector dialogue platform for the transport transition in urban areas. It will take place on June 11 and 12, 2025 as a two-day conference and exhibition at Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany. The trade fair creates a central forum for decision-makers from various industries and sectors to promote holistic planning and action with regard to the key topics of "urban drive and energy transition", "municipal mobility transition" and "public transport & mobility services".

September 9, 2025 - Munich, GERMANY


IAA MOBILITY 2025 is heralding a new era with its claim “It’s All About Mobility”, highlighting its position as a global platform for mobility, sustainability and technological innovations. From 9 to 14 September, Munich will once again be the epicenter of this international event. It will offer a variety of different event formats, and the city will play an active role.

The shift from a conventional automotive fair to a comprehensive mobility platform is reflected in the broad range of topics, from innovative vehicle technologies and infrastructure solutions to software developments and new mobility trends. The new claim illustrates the event’s expanded focus, which has covered mobility in all its facets since its transformation in 2021.

By focusing more on future solutions like electrical cars, autonomous driving, and innovative traffic concepts, IAA MOBILITY is underlining its promise to be a leader in shaping the mobility of the future. This reflects the strategic transition from the International Automotive Exhibition to a cohesive mobility platform.