Platform Guides: How to use the bee smart city platform

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Robin Wegner

Robin Wegner

Robin Wegner is an executive assistant in product development at bee smart city. He optimizes the user experience on our platform.


Grow your network – How to optimize your bee smart city profile page

By Robin Wegner on February 15, 2021 11:35:28 AM CET

Do you want to connect with other smart city professionals and peers from all over the world? Optimize your profile page to not only look for new connections but also to be found! Follow a few quick and straightforward steps to optimize your profile.


Generate more leads - How to add & optimize your smart city solutions

By Robin Wegner on February 11, 2021 6:00:30 PM CET

Solutions are a core component of the bee smart city platform. Learn how to add new solutions and how to optimize them for the best performance on the bee smart city platform. Your solutions need to be concise and provide high-quality information for maximum visibility.


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