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FIWARE Foundation and Amazon Web Services Join Forces
Joe Appleton12. July 20224 min read

FIWARE Foundation and Amazon Web Services Join Forces

Berlin, July 12, 2022. FIWARE Foundation, the non-profit organization that encourages the adoption of open standards — implemented using Open Source technologies for the development of smart solutions on a global basis - proudly announces today that Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, has joined FIWARE Foundation as a Platinum Member. This meaningful strategic step represents a successful collaboration focused on the design and implementation of additional and new market solutions for creating a highly replicable and scalable open-source smart city platform, using and connecting data in a city that comes from all three basic sources: citizens, systems, and sensors.

The two global technology players will develop a joint roadmap that will allow them to not only achieve long-term business goals but also create new solutions respecting the IT standards that apply in this domain, including system architectures, open source technologies, standardized APIs and data models. Through this collaboration, AWS can offer participants of FIWARE’s ecosystem (like solution integrators, consultants, public administrations and many others) highly scalable, AWS-native and “powered by FIWARE” solutions in the domains of Smart Cities and Regions, and beyond.

“AWS is for us an extraordinary partner with a powerful technology roadmap and a significant global presence. It is also the first Cloud Provider who is joining FIWARE’s growing community of more than 520 members. Moreover, it is a perfect moment from a market perspective - together we will bring the new technological solutions and use cases in different industries, from Smart Cities to Smart Energy, and further open-source opportunities that will develop and change the market”, commented Ulrich Ahle, CEO of FIWARE Foundation.

Max Peterson, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector at Amazon Web Service added: “We already had a great experience with FIWARE, having used and implemented the smart data models for some city cases, including Heidelberg and Nice. We have also been involved in the development of the Smart Cities agendas using FIWARE technology. As a supporting member of the FIWARE Technical Steering Committee, we look forward to actively co-shaping the FIWARE technical roadmap. Working with other members of the FIWARE community, we will create unique technological solutions and contribute to the development of existing and new initiatives.”

In the frame of cooperation, AWS provides their off-the-shelf framework called Smart Territory Framework (STF) comprising a set of standardized modules that are assembled to create sustainable and highly effective solutions for the digital transformation of cities and regions, in line with global industry standards and fully compatible with the Open Source Software Framework of FIWARE. Using the FIWARE Context Broker, a core component that gathers context information from diverse sources (such as mobile apps, IoT devices, or social networking services) and that manages the complete lifecycle of this context information, the STF modules enable public administrations to ingest IoT data at any scale from multiple and interconnected sources as well as register all devices and sensors deployed in the city or region territory. Additionally, these modules offer digital twin capabilities, enabling territories to store and retrieve the current state of every registered device in real time. Thus, the unified technological platform solves one of the most challenging issues in the development of digital cities - it brings and saves context information from different sources into one data space.

Furthermore, the partnership between FIWARE and Amazon Web Services will open up additional significant technological benefits for both organizations and the market overall:

  • FIWARE welcomes the opportunity to expand the number of domains where AWS can offer an AWS-native, powered by FIWARE smart platform, particularly in domains with solution providers using FIWARE on top of AWS technologies, in particular in the Smart AgriFood industry, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Building but not only;
  • It will grow the opportunities to propose AWS Smart Territory Framework or parts of it to end users, for example, cities, businesses and partners, to build and operate a truly scalable and interoperable smart territory platform;
  • FIWARE and AWS will jointly foster the adoption of data models published under the smart data models initiative;
  • In addition, FIWARE can explore how the standard API for accessing digital twin data can be integrated and used as part of AWS' digital twin vision. In particular, the awareness of how to integrate AWS proposed FIWARE Architecture, for example, Smart Territory Framework, with the AWS IoT TwinMaker service.

To get more information about the partnership between FIWARE Foundation and Amazon Web Services, already successfully implemented cases in the industry as well as to take advantage of the unique opportunity to meet market drivers and experts like Dr. Cameron Brooks, AWS, General Manager, Europe Public Sector, or Ali Benfattoum, AWS, IoT & Smart Cities Evangelist, join the FIWARE Global Summit, 14-15 September 2022, in Gran Canaria (Spain).

For more information about the AWS Smart Territory Framework, please follow the links:


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Joe Appleton

Joe Appleton is a content strategist, editor and writer at bee smart city. He is particularly interested in the topics of smart and sustainable cities and urban mobility.