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NVIDIA Smart Spaces Summit
Joe Appleton13. June 20232 min read

NVIDIA Smart Spaces Summit Dives into AI-Powered Innovations in Traffic and transport

Learn from cities and enterprises that are using AI to build smarter, safer spaces, at this virtual event on Wednesday, June 21. AI-powered spaces are no longer just a vision of the future. They’ve arrived in today’s streets, stadiums, cities and public transport hubs — and they can be used across industries and applications.NVIDIA is hosting a deep dive into this topic at its inaugural Smart Spaces Summit, focused on AI-powered innovations within traffic and transportation. The virtual event takes place Wednesday, June 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. CEST.
NVIDIA Smart Spaces Summit

AI Makes Spaces More Efficient, Safe and Secure

Industry experts at the summit will share AI innovations that can be used to create smart spaces and showcase real-world solutions.

Attend to hear from:

  • Industry experts from IDC, Dubai Digital Authority, Metis Digital and Connected Places Catapult, who will share their views and insights on how AI is transforming cities and spaces in a panel discussion.
  • AI video analytics company Ipsotek, which is deploying its technology in complex telco environments.
  • AI-at-the-edge provider SmartCow and public-safety company Tahakom. They’re working together to deploy intelligent, end-to-end traffic-management systems using NVIDIA edge AI technology to make real-time decisions that improve public safety, optimize resources and streamline operations.
  • Data intelligence analysts iMotion and security innovators at Prosegur, which are performing analysis and predictions in real time to secure public transportation for better passenger safety.
  • K2K and Sispi, companies using real-time data processing and neural networks to deliver improved smart experiences to citizens of Palermo, Italy.
  • Milestone Systems, a vision AI company working to optimize traffic flows and improve public transportation systems with video-monitoring infrastructure.
  • Dell Technologies on its approach for building platforms that can handle computer-vision use cases across industries.

AI can transform the way municipalities operate, improving traffic management, public transportation and more. NVIDIA is leading the way in this digital transformation, providing the necessary AI tools and resources to bring smart spaces to life.

NVIDIA Metropolis. Discover how AI-video analytics is disrupting industries, globally.

AI, 5G, edge computing and other technology advancements can analyze the enormous amounts of data generated by an environment. This data can then be used to extract insights and make decisions to improve spaces.

Plus, predictive AI models can help to prevent unwanted events before they occur, bringing “cognitive spaces” closer to reality. These spaces interact with people, anticipating and offering solutions to any challenges that might occur.

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Joe Appleton

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