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Top 6 Smart Lighting Solutions for Smart Cities
Jennifer Svedberg20. March 20223 min read

6 Smart Lighting Solutions That Smart Cities Should Know

Streetlights, as they are today, have been a cause of concern for how much energy they consume as well as how they have been adding to the light pollution in cities, burning brightly while no one is around. These are just a few of the concerns that some solution providers have been aiming to address with their Smart Lighting solutions. They aim to make cities feel more safe, make lights more efficient, poles multi-functional and push costs of maintenance and energy down among others in various ways.

The European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) initiative has, among other things, presented the multifunctionality and advantages of "smart lighting" and in a factsheet. In addition to smart street lighting, smart lampposts can be used as a connectivity platform. Various sensors, telecommunication technologies needed in smart cities, and charging capabilities can be integrated into the poles. 

Explore six smart lighting solutions that cities and communities should know, when looking for smarter ways to manage their streetlights in order to increase energy and cost efficiency, public safety and to upgrade the functionality of poles on their journey to become a smart city.


1. Tvilight's Intelligent Streetlight Control Solution

Tvilight adds more control and customization of brightness, as an example; how many nearby lights light up from the motion sensors alerting the surrounding poles, times the lights are on at night at a lower strength (e.g. 20% strength). This creates a more cost effective as well as environmentally friendly approach to having lights on at night that will reduce the light pollution that light poles usually cause.

2. Owlet IoT - Connected Lighting

With the use of an IoT dashboard, you are able to control the smart lights, as well as being alerted by the sensor in the pole when the light is broken. This solution has replaced older light fixtures in the City of Alba Iulia with newer more cost efficient and environmentally safer LED lights that were easily attached to the existing light poles. Doing so reduced the costs of energy consumption by 70%.

3. WeLight

Flexible and modular through its interoperability and settings customization, WeLight makes management of public lighting easier to ensure reduced energy consumption as well as saving on costs of maintenance of the lights. The system will, in real time, enable you to track and manage the energy and equipment, as well as alert you of any issues among others.

4. Seak Smart City - Smart Lighting Control

Compatible with any luminaire (LED, HIS and HPS), Seak Smart City allows easy to use management control over cities' light posts, ensuring a great ROI on saved energy through their dimming scheduling capabilities. The system also provides through their IoT platform, other than lighting control, connectivity for EV chargers an other IoT devices.

5. Humble Lamppost - Integrated Multifunctional Smart Lamppost

This solution replaces the old light fixtures with less light pollutant LED lamp posts with the ability to enable more than just adaptive lighting. These lamp posts enable the ability for added security with CCTV cameras, and emergency button, Public Wi-Fi as well as environmental sensors to measure air quality that are, with the exception of the cameras, integrated in the pole itself.

6. Omniflow

Omniflow's "Omniled" light posts are self-sustainable, powered by their integrated solar panels and a wind turbine as well as having an energy storage, making it possible to have them both on- and off-grid which ensures that they can be implemented anywhere. This solution comes ready right out of the box and its use can be expanded upon outside intelligent street lighting with options such as video surveillance, E-bike charging or even Wi-Fi.

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Jennifer Svedberg

Jennifer Svedberg is Customer Support Manager at bee smart city. She is responsible for the solution review process and the verification of solutions on the bee smart city network & community. She analyzes solution trends on the global platform and publishes these in our smart city solutions insights.