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The number of smart city events - from webinars and smaller smart cities conferences to huge smart city expos and online/offline summits - has increased fast over the past years. This has made it even more difficult to get an overview of the most important and leading smart city events globally.

  • As a solution provider, do not miss out on top smart cities conferences to showcase innovative solutions, new products or to grow your network to generate new leads.
  • As a city or community, inform yourself about new smart city market developments, solutions and trends, and exchange lessons learned and best practices with like-minded municipalities or public sector institutions. 

With our smart city event listing, we help you to identify the most valuable online and offline smart cities conferences, expos and summits. As a partner of several leading events, we can also often provide you with discounts on attending or exhibiting at top smart city conferences and expos.

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December 12, 2022 - Miami, USA

Smart City Expo Miami

As societies, we invest in new buildings, transportation, power, and industry. Do we have a plan for the city with people, productivity, and quality of life in mind? Do we have a controlled process that produces successful projects that fit into our plan without wasted time, and money, and eliminates corruption? Do we have a plan for maintenance of the completed assets that is locally resourced and sustainable? How do we engage the citizens to contribute to the planning process and create a unified effort? Is there new technology(right now) that is affordable and enables unprecedented participation and ushers in a new era of public support for a revitalized city?

May 10, 2023 - Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Future Urbanism - Smart City Summit & Expo

Future Urbanism Smart City Summit & Expo Dubai is the premier global forum for the world’s most influential urbanists from intersecting worlds of infrastructure, city planning, development, investing and technology to create livable cities of tomorrow.

Future Urbanism Smart City Summit & Expo is a new meeting place for diverse stakeholders - from technology companies to government agencies to infrastructure planners - all coming together for a global exchange of innovations, solutions, ideas and insights on how to shape the cities of tomorrow.

3 days of high-level engagement, networking and knowledge exchange with key urbanism stakeholders.

May 23, 2023 - Essen, GERMANY

E-world energy & water 2023

E-world energy & water is the place where the European energy industry comes together. Serving as an information platform for the energy sector, E-world is gathering international decision-makers in Essen each year. More than one-fifth of the exhibiting companies are based abroad. The majority of international exhibitors come from countries of the European Union. Join us from May 23-25, 2023 in Essen.

May 24, 2023 - Cologne, GERMANY

polisMobility 2023

Mobility in urban and rural environments is on the brink of a paradigm shift. During planning, local authorities are faced with the challenge of considering new mobility providers and new solutions on the one hand and being mindful of different mobility needs on the other.

Public mobility services and infrastructure must be expanded, innovative, tailor-made solutions implemented, and operating models found in order to make multi- and intermodal mobility and efficient logistics a reality. The prerequisites already exist: Electric drives, autonomous technologies, artificial intelligence and cloud-based systems open up the prospect of a game change in urban and regional transport. But this development has to be coordinated. Changes to infrastructure must proceed at the same speed as the growth of the numbers of those who are dependent upon it. This requires cooperation above all. The polisMOBILITY theme blocks offer exactly the right forum for fostering it. This is where mobility is reimagined.

June 4, 2023 - Barcelona, SPAIN

UITP Global Public Transport Summit

The UITP Global Public Transport Summit is the world’s biggest event dedicated to sustainable mobility which brings together all transport modes, industry authorities and operators, as well as exhibitors.

The immersive four-day experience combines a diverse programme of world-class Congress sessions and an outstanding Exhibition full of the latest innovations, solutions and products.

The next edition of the UITP Global Public Transport Summit will be taking place in Barcelona, Spain from 4-7 June 2023.

The world has lived through great change since our last edition, therefore reuniting with the whole sector is pivotal in order to pave the way.

September 12, 2023 - Madrid, SPAIN


TRAFIC, the International Trade Fair for Safe and Sustainable Mobility, will hold its 18th edition as part of the second Global Mobility Call, organised by IFEMA MADRID, which will take place from 12 to 14 September 2023. The event aims to create synergies and bring value to professionals from different mobility-related sectors. TRAFIC, which has established itself throughout its history as the leading trade fair for its sector in southern Europe, will keep its own identity as part of IFEMA MADRID’s new commitment to mobility of the future. TRAFIC 2023 will have a particular focus on the connectivity, digitalisation and efficiency of road safety.

The Global Mobility Call was created so Spain could lead the way towards international sustainable mobility. The first edition, held in June, was a great success, and its objectives are fully in line with those of TRAFIC. The last edition of TRAFIC was held from 2 to 4 November 2021 and brought together over 3,500 high-level professionals and 55 businesses who demonstrated the R&D capacity of the sector.

These results once again confirm that TRAFIC is the meeting place for the main players in sustainable mobility, who continue to foster and support the use of new transport models with digitalisation and safer, more efficient use of transport and infrastructure. These players include the strong support of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, which also supports the Global Mobility Call, and the Directorate-General for Traffic (Ministry of the Interior), which has backed TRAFIC since the beginning, as well as the rest of the involved government bodies and sector entities and associations.

TRAFIC’s sectors will be included in the Global Mobility Call, completing its offering, which is structured around Infrastructure, Road Safety, Parking, Traffic Management, Last Mile Delivery and Smart Mobility.

The TRAFIC trade show will be completed, as usual, with an action-packed agenda of professional conferences around a specific theme related to the Global Mobility Call, which will address the biggest issues in the safe and sustainable mobility sector.     

November 9, 2023 - Berlin, GERMANY

Smart Country Convention

The Smart Country Convention is Germany’s leading event for the digital transformation of the public sector. National and international companies, institutions, organizations, public authorities and associations present their ideas, concepts and solutions for a modern administration and smart cities.

The topics of the Smart Country Convention are more relevant than ever. SCCON 2023 will take place from 07– 09 November 2023 at hub27 on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. Meet political figures, digital experts, business professionals, industry leaders, innovation drivers and technology pioneers who think and make the future.


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