With our Tender Premium package, you get access to newly published smart city tenders worldwide. Seize business opportunities and be ahead of your competitors! Never miss a smart city tender again.


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Access the latest Smart City Tenders

Our team of experienced researchers constantly scans a wide range of sources to provide you with the latest smart city tenders issued by local governments and other public sector organizations from around the world. Every week we publish up to 60 new tenders.

With Tender Premium, you save a lot of time researching tender opportunities, since we make them easily accessible for you:

  • Get access to all globally curated tenders without limitation. We publish up to 60 new smart city-related tenders every week, 240 a month, 2,880 per year!
  • Quickly access the tenders that meet your preferences with advanced tender search and filter options.
  • Get directly informed via email about new tenders that match your search preferences. Never miss a tender again with our Tender Alert!
  • Save time and money with our flexible subscription. Book tender premium for 79.90€ per month - save 20% via a yearly booking (~63,92€ per month).
  • Tender Premium also includes all benefits of the Solution Provider Premium package.
  • Experience the benefits of Tender Premium with a free trial. There are no strings attached and no credit card is needed. Your trial automatically ends after 14 days.

Download our Tender Premium Brochure for more information.

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Never miss Tender for Smart Cities

With Tender Premium, it is easier than ever to stay up-to-date on newly issued smart city tenders. With various filter options, customizable preferences, and our tender alert, you will never miss tenders that are relevant to you:

  • Set individual tender preferences

You can set and apply individual tender search preferences. You can use keywords/tags of interest to you and preset filters to narrow down the search by economic region and tender type. You can modify these presets at any time.

  • Filter tenders by type

With the tender type filter, you can specify your favourite tender category - e.g. request for proposals (RFP) or request for tender (RFT) - and get the results you need. We currently have 12 different tender options that you can choose from.
If you are not familiar with the essential acronyms of the tender process, don't worry. We’ve put together a short Tender Glossary to help you navigate your way through the process and understand tender terminology.

  • Filter tenders by region

With our location filter, you can narrow down your search by five economic regions that cover the globe. Do you operate only in Europe? No problem, check Europe, and you will find only tenders that match this region.

  • Receive tender alerts via email

Based on your preferences, you can set your individual tender alert. Whenever we add a new tender, we will check it against your presets and send an alert immediately to your email address if it meets your selected tender preferences.



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