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Transportation Scheduling Software

Deadline: March 30, 2023 Issued by: County of Rock
Type: Country: US Language: English

Rock County Transit is looking for a software application that will be able to support routing, dispatch and scheduling for Rock County that will consider location of pick-ups, drop-offs, number of drivers available, number of vehicles, and types of pickups. The current capacity supports 13 drivers with eight full time five part-time with 12 buses in the fleet with 11 available and two out of service due to maintenance or repairs. Current capacity is believed to be 83 trips per day; however, we are open to this being identified as being increased but our currently rule of thumb is arrival 15 minutes before scheduled appointment time.

The separate requirements that we would like included within the software would be:

  1. Payment and billing management.
  2. Data management.
  3. Dispatching.
  4. Equipment and eligibility.
  5. GIS and performance.
  6. Reservations and scheduling.
  7. Reporting.
  8. Training and
  9. General expectations.

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Capacity Building and Stakeholder Mapping for Climate Change Adaptation Project

Deadline: March 30, 2023 Issued by: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Type: Country: Egypt Language: English

The objective of the project is the contracting of a national consulting firm to define and analysis stakeholders related to climate change adaptation. Based on that, the consultant shall develop stakeholder engagement and communication plan. The consultant shall also conduct an assessment of the stakeholder capacity and define capacity gaps in order to develop capacity building plan.

The expected outputs to be delivered include:

  1. Stakeholder analysis report.
  2. Stakeholder engagement and communication plan to cover the hole period of the Project.
  3. Capacity assessment report for the stakeholders identifying capacity gaps and needs.
  4. Capacity building plan covering gaps for each stakeholder and
  5. Implementation of capacity building plan through series of workshops.

Services for the Power Quality System of the Granada Light Railway

Deadline: March 30, 2023 Issued by: Regional Government of Andalusia
Type: Country: Spain Language: Spanish

The project’s objective is to monitor all the main elements that consume electrical energy in Granada’s light railway system, as well as analyse the energy quality at the installation’s critical points. The contract will also provide a tool, accessible to authorised users, that ensures proper analysis of consumption at different measurement points, automatically controlling the installation’s problematic points.

The energy management monitoring system will comprise:

  1. An energy management platform for monitoring and evaluating consumption (software) and
  2. A network of remotely manageable energy measurement devices (network analysers) that improve buildings’ energy sectorisation and ensure the platform’s proper use.

This action will focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), in accordance with the regional government’s objectives, and consequently, Granada’s light railway system.


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