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Current Tenders

Multi Modal Transportation Connectivity Master Plan

Deadline: December 6, 2022 Issued by: City of Tamarac
Type: Country: Canada Language: English

Plan document that will provide recommendations for short, medium, and long-range future transportation needs in the City of Tamarac and its immediate surrounding area. The document will assess the existing conditions of the City’s various transportation modes including, without limitation, vehicle, bike, pedestrian, transit, and multi-use paths ancillary to roadway improvements but can be separated from motorized vehicular traffic; and provide strategies and recommendations that will address deficiencies, improve inter-connectivity, while optimizing safety to eliminate traffic related injuries and fatalities in alignment with Vision Zero policies. Separation of the motorized vehicular traffic using multimodal paths and facilities should enhance safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and users of personal conveyance devices that are ancillary to roadway improvements.

The document shall also be consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Broward County’s MPO Transportation Planning Guidebook, incorporating Complete Streets and Congestion Management/Livability Planning policies and provide guidance to not only maximize but also prioritize future transportation investments. The Master Plan must demonstrate and embody the goals of the Surtax, which include: creating connectivity, including first-mile and last-mile connections to public transit; traffic system management; improving transit services; enhancing multimodal options; and economic development and benefits.

Provision of the Greater Caribbean Climate Mobility Initiative (GCCMI) Modeling

Deadline: December 6, 2022 Issued by: UNOPS
Type: Country: Several Countries Language: English

Forced mobility is emerging as the human face of the climate crisis. Despite this looming global crisis, the issue of climate mobility has so far seen limited international “airtime.” However, this provides an opportunity for the countries of the Greater Caribbean to press forward a groundbreaking new narrative, pressing for “people-centered climate action” in line with its objectives to advance common prosperity and further economic integration in the region. In this context, the Greater Caribbean Climate Mobility Initiative (GCCMI) will build knowledge in the Greater Caribbean region by developing a pioneering Greater Caribbean Climate Mobility Model projecting climate displacement and migration as far as 2050 through cutting-edge modeling, as well as field research.

Activities include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  1. Historical data collection to enable modeling e.g. population, migration, water availability, crop production, flood risk, sea level rise, drought, extreme temperatures.
  2. Development and presentation of a modeling methodology.
  3. Modeling & generation of projected data on climate mobility as far as 2050.
  4. Post-processing of model results figures (e.g. maps and charts).
  5. Presentation of modeling findings during consultations with stakeholders and
  6. Generation of a final report on the modeling findings.

Demand Responsive Transport Scheme (DRT)

Deadline: December 6, 2022 Issued by: West of England Combined Authority
Type: Country: UK Language: English

The West of England Combined Authority (CA) wishes to contract with an operator who will be responsible for operating and delivering a demand responsive bus service for an initial two (2) year period (with options to extend for up to a further four (4) years) period in accordance with the requirements set out in the services agreement.

The operator is directly responsible for delivering on this service include providing, operating, monitoring and maintaining the following service aspects in accordance with standards in this document, with sign off from the CA:

  1. The safety of the operation
  2. The vehicles
  3. The drivers and their training
  4. Route and stop planning and
  5. Integration with the booking/planning software (provided by the CA)


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