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Smart City Solutions

Smart city solutions help cities to provide better services, to increase government efficiency and to tackle major challenges with the ultimate goal of creating a more livable, sustainable and prosperous city or community. In our solutions section, we cover new and proven solutions across all six smart city indicators - Smart Economy, Environment, Government, Living, Mobility, and People - to provide you with the right knowledge to help you identify and assess suitable solutions. To deep-dive into hundreds of solutions and to connect with thousands of experts and practitioners, join the global smart city network and community.
Kimberly Rittner6 min read

How Smart Cities Can Use Renewable Energy Sources

The world's population is growing steadily. According to the United Nations, the world's population will grow to 9.7 billion ...
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Jennifer Svedberg3 min read

6 Smart Lighting Solutions That Smart Cities Should Know

Streetlights, as they are today, have been a cause of concern for how much energy they consume as well as how they have been ...
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Dr. Alexander Gelsin4 min read

Multiple Benefits of Smart Street Lighting Solutions in Smart Cities

The role of smart lighting solutions in the intelligent transformation of cities and buildings has gained momentum in the past ...
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Joe Appleton9 min read

How Bettair Cities Gives El Prat de Llobregat A Breath Of Fresh Air

When it comes to air quality, cities that attract heavy industry are often some of the biggest victims. For the municipality of ...
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Joe Appleton10 min read

Why Smart Cities need to start getting smart about Water

The impacts of climate change have already begun to cause damage to our planet. The Earth’s landscape has drastically ...
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Dr. Sebastian Schlögl11 min read

City Climate - Modern City Climate Monitoring for Smart Cities

As early as in the 19th century, people recognized that the air quality in rural areas was much better than in urban areas. ...
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Albert Mateu7 min read

COVID-19 and Rethinking Smart Waste Management

For the last two months, every day at 8 pm, I go out to the balcony and together with my neighbors, we clap for all of those ...
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Jon Glasco14 min read

E-Scooters: A Collision Between Innovation And Controversy

In their eagerness to create breakthrough technologies and disruptive platforms, innovators sometimes collide with an ...
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Jon Glasco12 min read

E-Scooters: A Passing Fad or Smart Mobility?

Electric scooters appeal to those who want to move quickly and easily through urban streets at low cost while avoiding ...
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Thomas Mueller3 min read

AcceliCITY Selects World’s Most Promising Smart City Startups

In 2018, Leading Cities, a global nonprofit for Smart City growth and collaboration, launched AcceliCITY - a global Smart City ...
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