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Smart City Solutions

Smart city solutions help cities to provide better services, to increase government efficiency and to tackle major challenges with the ultimate goal of creating a more livable, sustainable and prosperous city or community. In our solutions section, we cover new and proven solutions across all six smart city indicators - Smart Economy, Environment, Government, Living, Mobility, and People - to provide you with the right knowledge to help you identify and assess suitable solutions. To deep-dive into hundreds of solutions and to connect with thousands of experts and practitioners, join the global smart city network and community.
Rocío Moreno6 min read

Work Smarter: The future of the workplace

Over the years, the sophistication of technology has brought with it, consequently, the automation of jobs. Thanks to the ...
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Jennifer Svedberg3 min read

6 Smart Lighting Solutions That Smart Cities Should Know

Streetlights, as they are today, have been a cause of concern for how much energy they consume as well as how they have been ...
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Dr. Alexander Gelsin4 min read

Multiple Benefits of Smart Street Lighting Solutions in Smart Cities

The role of smart lighting solutions in the intelligent transformation of cities and buildings has gained momentum in the past ...
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Thomas Mueller3 min read

AcceliGOV - Apply for a Smart City Cyber Security Solution Pilot

As the formidable threat of cyber security looms over the majority of the world’s municipal governments, Leading Cities ...
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Jon Glasco8 min read

How Crowdsourcing and Incentives Improve Public Safety

When it comes to public safety, smart city leaders recognize the importance of engaging with citizens and encouraging them to ...
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Thomas Mueller2 min read

Thinxtra launches Sigfox LPWA IoT Network for Smart City Hong Kong

On the 1st of November, Sigfox's exclusive network operator Thinxtra showcased the start of its territory-wide low-power ...
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Thomas Mueller2 min read

Smart Urban Street Furniture Solutions in Smart Cities

Self-powered smart urban street furniture can help cities and communities to increase the attractivity of public spaces by ...
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