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smart city strategy

Smart City Strategy

Cities around the globe are becoming smart. However, they are following different strategic approaches and a "smart city" can be defined in different ways. With our smart city strategy insights, we shed light on the latest trends in terms of smart city evolution, strategic approaches, project implementation methods and the role of different stakeholders. Learn how other cities become smart and implement smart city strategies. 

Laura Puttkamer4 min read

Urban October 2023: Challenges and Opportunities in Cities

Every year, UN-Habitat celebrates Urban October, a month where everyone is part of the conversation about the challenges and ...
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Laura Puttkamer7 min read

Women in the Gender-Inclusive Smart City

On July 11th is World Population day and the motto is: Unleashing power of gender quality: Uplifting the voices of women and ...
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Laura Puttkamer5 min read

Smart Health: How can smart city technology leverage wellbeing?

Lessons learned from the pandemic have made health a key area of the smart city. The evolution of technologies that improve ...
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Thomas Mueller2 min read

Rise of the Smartivist: The Importance of Citizens for Smart Cities

The human element is something that has been largely neglected in the first generations of smart cities around the globe. ...
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Joe Appleton9 min read

How Smart Cities Are Boosting Citizen Engagement

According to statistics from the United Nations Population Fund, over half of the planet’s population lives in cities. By the ...
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Lily Maxwell11 min read

Leading North American Smart Cities to Watch in 2019

In a 2018 report completed by the Eden Strategy Institute, 12 of the globe’s 20 smartest cities were located in the USA. ...
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Lily Maxwell7 min read

Why The Smart Home Is Facilitating Smart Communities

As John Friedmann highlights (2011), the household is just as much a socio-political space as the public realm: although it may ...
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