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Smart and Sustainable Cities: What Does It Mean?

By Rocío Moreno on Mar 29, 2023 12:50:20 PM

When Smart and Sustainable come together

 The smart cities agenda focuses on improving citizens quality of life by enhancing a city's infrastructure using new technologies. Furthermore, we can think of sustainability as a long-term goal in which environmental, societal, and economic fields are balanced in the journey for life improvement. Therefore, smart sustainable cities are the way forward to not only improve the quality of life of a city’s inhabitants but also to confront a persistent problem of this era: climate change.


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The Line: A 170-km long future city in Saudi Arabia’s desert

By Laura Puttkamer on Mar 14, 2023 2:11:19 PM

Do cities always have to have cars, streets, and carbon emissions? Do they even need to have a roughly circular layout? Saudi Arabia’s future city “The Line” suggests a different approach.


Smart City Future Cities NEOM

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