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smart city strategy

Smart City Strategy

Cities around the globe are becoming smart. However, they are following different strategic approaches and a "smart city" can be defined in different ways. With our smart city strategy insights, we shed light on the latest trends in terms of smart city evolution, strategic approaches, project implementation methods and the role of different stakeholders. Learn how other cities become smart and implement smart city strategies. 

Joe Appleton2 min read

SCEWC 2023: Bringing SaaS Success to Barcelona

Once again, we had the pleasure of heading to Barcelona for the Smart City Expo World Congress 2024. As a long-standing partner ...
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Lily Maxwell10 min read

Rising North American Smart Cities to Watch in 2019

The US is, in many ways, the birthplace of innovation: it was there that Ford launched the first affordable car and there that ...
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Lily Maxwell8 min read

Rising Stars: Eight Smart Cities in Asia to Watch in 2019 - Part 2

As we saw in our last article on Asian smart city stars, urban centers in Asia are facing mass urbanization on a much more ...
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Lily Maxwell16 min read

Bob Bennett: the Role of Smart Cities Technology and their Benefits

Bob Bennett, the former Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Kansas City talked in our Smart City Leader Interview Series - while ...
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Lily Maxwell9 min read

Rising Asian Stars: Smart Cities in Asia to Watch in 2019 - Part 1

There were an estimated 47 megacities in existence in 2017, and the majority were located in Asia. The region is facing ...
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Lily Maxwell13 min read

Rob van Gijzel on the Importance of Smart Cities & Smart Citizens

Rob van Gijzel, the former Mayor of Eindhoven and current Chairman of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) Foundation in New ...
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Lily Maxwell17 min read

Boyd Cohen on the Future of Smart Cities

The importance of smart cities & smart citizens: In our interview series, smart city leaders comment on the future of smart ...
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Jon Glasco9 min read

Smart Cities and the Promise of Innovation in Public Services

There was a time when bells in town squares warned citizens of impending danger. Today, the bells ring again in the form of ...
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Mike Barlow and Cornelia Levy-Bencheton5 min read

Will Smart City Technology Prevent Crime Before It Happens?

Law enforcement has been using technology to solve crimes for more than a century. Using technology to prevent crimes, however, ...
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