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Claim your participation in solutions to verify solutions as an involved partner or client, and invite your partners to claim their participation in your solutions.

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The notification function will keep you up to date and provide you with important information regarding the bee smart city platform. Notifications will inform you about new features, announcements and other upcoming network activities.


Your Dashboard is the central starting point for your activities and contributions on bee smart city. It can be reached via the home icon in the navigation bar and gives you an efficient overview of relevant KPI’s and updates. Here you can see the newest solution submissions and articles posted on bee smart city. The intuitive navigation enables you to manage your activities and to access interesting information easily and quickly.

Search Improvements

We have added an exact match search function. You can now search for fixed strings by embracing the words in quotation marks. *Example:* "fixed string" Furthermore, we have implemented a subtract modifier to exclude words you don’t want in the search results. To exclude single words, declare them as follows: -"word1" –"word2" –"word3". *Example:* open data -apps Please note that we search for "word1" AND "word2" AND "word3" first, only if there is no hit, we search for "word1" OR "word2" OR "word3"

City Pages

City pages can be reached through your dashboard, member pages and solutions. At first glance, you can learn more about a City's "Smart City Mission" and gain a first impression of its smart city strategy. Furthermore, you will see a ranking based on the number of uploaded solutions and the city page also features a solution distribution by indicators to assess the status quo of the city.


The tag pages will help you to stay up-to-date with the current trends in the Smart City world. Every different sector and sub-sector of the Smart City world has a tag where you can find a ranking of the related solutions and a short description of the topic. 

Solution Categories

The solution categories give you a detailed view on different trending topics in the Smart City world. They include a detailed description on the topic, a solution ranking based on smarts and a high quality article on the topic which gives you a more detailed market insight and talks about the big leading and upcoming companies. 

Smart City Indicators

The Smart City Indicators are the big 6 fields of actions in the Smart City world. They help to structure the ecosystem of solutions into different sectors and sub-sectors.

Direct Messaging

Messaging functionality is made to directly interact with other members – be it to exchange experiences, discuss best-practices, talk and learn about smart city solutions, forge new collaborations, initiate new partnerships, discuss events or tenders. Messages to non-contacts are limited to 5 per day.

Contact Matching

The matching proposals are based on the seeking and offering tags in your profile. You will only get matched with smart city experts who are either offering what you seek or seeking what you offer. So update your profile - especially your offering and seeking tags - with terms that are most relevant. Matches are limited to 5 per day.