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Thomas Mueller13. November 20183 min read

bee smart city merges with Labcities into a global smart city network

bee smart city and Labcities merge to form the world’s largest solution- and product-based smart city business network and community, representing a new kind of platform for all smart city market actors, with already more than 10,000 members from 150 countries. Through joining forces under the brand of bee smart city, the smart city platform and community grows to more than 1,500 registered companies, 600+ cities and communities, more than 500 smart city solutions and a total reach of 300,000+ smart city actors, globally.

bee smart city merges with Labcities into a global smart city network

The common vision of the merging platforms is to simplify smart city business to accelerate the development of smarter cities and communities across the globe by efficiently connecting smart city experts, governments and solution providers to share best practice solutions and products, to initiate new partnerships and smart city projects and to exchange lessons learned and knowledge.

The activities of Labcities will be integrated into the bee smart city solution platform, and Labcities CEO Marc Van Steyvoort joins bee smart city as Global Head of Business Development and Vice President for bee smart city TV Activities: “As companies that have both been pioneers in the smart city world, we share the same goal of accelerating the development of livable and prosperous smart cities and communities around the world. We are excited to merge with bee smart city and build on the rich heritage and expertise of both companies and become the highest-quality digital transformation hub in the world.”

Bart Gorynski, Managing Partner at bee smart city, states: “Through the merger with Labcities, bee smart city is evolving as the leading global online platform for all smart city enthusiasts and stakeholders. We combine the best of our two platforms to create added value for our members and our partnering cities and communities, for businesses – from startup to multinational corporations – as well as for partnering smart city, industry and research organizations.”

Through combining the leading Smart City Solution Database and the Global Smart City Information Hub of bee smart city with the Labcities Smart City Business Network, the merging companies take the next step towards forming the world’s largest smart city network and community as the premier source for all market actors, facilitating the sharing of best practices and efficiently connecting solution providers with cities and municipalities.

Tapping into the collective intelligence of smart cities actors from around the globe via the bee smart city platform, the development of smart cities and communities is accelerated, benefiting citizens, governments and businesses. Be a bee – be a part of our global smart city community and help transform the places we call home into even better places for all stakeholders.


About bee smart city

bee smart city was founded in 2017 by experienced professionals and smart city experts to take the creation of prosperous and livable smart cities and communities to the next level, connecting smart city stakeholders and enthusiasts around the globe through its unique online smart city solution network. Our community is driven by thousands of contributing members from cities, solution providers, universities and civil society, sharing their passion and expertise to make cities and communities smarter. We simplify the exchange of best practice solutions and provide an efficient toolset for smart city analysis, for facilitating collaboration and the successful implementation of adaptable solutions. bee smart city partners with city governments, leading organizations and associations, solution providers and smart city startups. The global bee smart city hub and the smart city solutions database greatly increase transparency and the visibility of cities, companies, startups and other smart city actors.

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About Labcities

Labcities was founded in 2015 as global smart city business network and knowledge sharing platform that connects experts, public governments and service providers in the smart city and urban innovation space. Labcities was designed to help companies and cities to evaluate and showcase new and proven innovative solutions within a collaborative environment, providing networking services to find potential partners or customers for their smart city solutions and to promote their smart city events, connecting vertical projects and communities around the world and allowing ten of thousands of smart city experts, innovators and entrepreneurs to collaborate and crowdsource new urban solutions, digital trends and business models, exchanging learnings to empower the smart city ecosystems worldwide.


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Thomas Mueller

Thomas Müller is Managing Partner at bee smart city. With more than 15 years of public sector experience, he is an expert on smart city strategy and projects.