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Tender Premium: Benefits for Smart City Companies
Jens Steimann10. April 20214 min read

Tender Premium: Benefits for Smart City Companies

Open tenders play an essential role in public sector procurement. If you are selling services and products to local governments and other public sector entities, you are familiar with it. But you also know that it can be time-consuming to stay up to date and aware of all the lucrative tenders issued in your market segment across the globe.

With our Tender Premium service, we have the right solution for you. Our team curates smart city-related tenders globally and publishes them in the bee smart city tender database, which you can access online as one of our new smart city platform features.

What are your benefits?

1. Tender Premium: You get access to this unique global database of smart city tenders, updated twice weekly with newly issued tenders.

2. Cut the noise: You have various filter options, and you can save your preferences to assess only those tenders you are interested in quickly.

3. Never miss a tender again: Our tender alert notifies you via email as soon as a new tender is online that meets your preferences, helping you save time and effort.

The ideal tender is the written answer to the question: "Dear city, what do we have to do so that our company receives the order for your project?" And what else do we want to know more?

Tender premium benefits

smart city Tender Premium

Our team of experienced researchers constantly scans a wide range of sources to provide you with the latest smart city tenders issued by local governments and other public sector organizations from around the world. Every week we publish up to 60 new tenders on our platform.

Last year alone, we published more than 1,000 tenders, which we shared for free on our smart city information portal. From now on, you can only find the latest three tenders for free on the portal. Due to feedback from our subscribers and platform members, we have enriched our tender service and created the Tender Premium membership as a monthly or yearly subscription on the bee smart city platform.

If you are a bee smart city community member and logged in, you can find the latest five tenders via the navigation under "Tenders".

Smart City Tenders Navigation

For those who want more, we recommend the Premium Tender package. With Tender Premium, you will get all the benefits of the Solution Provider package plus access to the globally curated smart city tender service:

  • Get access to all tenders without limitation.
  • Advanced tender search and filter options: cut through the noise. Quickly assess the tenders that meet your preferences.
  • Tender Alert: Get directly informed via email about new tenders that match your search preferences. Never miss a tender again!
  •  Up to 60 new smart city-related tenders every week, 240 a month, 2,800 per year!
  • Pricing: 79.90€ per month - save 20% via a yearly booking (~63,92€ per month)
  • Discover the benefits with a 14-day free trial without any obligations. No credit card is required. The trial ends automatically.



With the newly introduced tender search and filter function, you can easily find the tenders you need to boost your business. You can narrow down your search in three different ways:

  1. By setting individual tender search preferences, including keywords/tags
  2. By filtering tenders by type
  3. By filtering tenders by region
Smart City Tender Premium Features

1. Your individual tender preferences

Here you can set and apply your individual tender search preferences. You can use keywords/tags that are of interest to you and preset filters to narrow down the search by economic region and tender type. Of course, you can edit these presets at any time.

2. Filter tenders by type

With the tender type filter, you can specify your favourite kinds of tenders - e.g. request for proposals (RFP) or request for tender (RFT) - and get the results you need. We currently have 12 different tender options that you can select. The figure next to the tender type indicates the number of tenders in our global database.

3. Filter tenders by REGION

With our location filter, you can narrow down the search based on economic regions. Do you operate only in Europe? No problem, check Europe, and you will find only tenders that match this region. We cover five economic regions across the globe.

4. TENDER AlertS via email

Based on your preferences, you can set your individual tender alert. You can activate alerts via email in your bee smart city premium tender section. Whenever we add a new tender, we will check it against your presets and send an alert immediately to your email address if it meets your chosen tender preferences.

Smart City Tender Premium Preferences

Tender Premium - SAVE TIME & EFFORT!

With Tender Premium you can save precious time researching tenders. Let us do this for you! Every tender is a chance to get access to a new market and acquire new projects. Be ahead of your competitors and access relevant tenders before they find them. How many times did one of your competitors win a tender you could have applied for if you had not missed it? Never let this happen again. Become a tender premium member of bee smart city - get started with a free 14-day trial.

Note: If you are new to bee smart city, you need to register first as a free member at Then you can either book directly via the "get premium" button on the platform, or you can click the button below to get going with a 14-day free trial. 




Jens Steimann

Jens Steimann is Head of Digital Sales at bee smart city and helps to build the success of our clients.