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Explore Smart City Reports, Smart City Guidelines, and Books that were published or supported by bee smart city and publication partners.

Smart City Publications

Explore Smart City Reports, Smart City Guides and Books

On this page, you can explore publications on smart city development and smart cities published or supported by bee smart city. The following smart city publications are invaluable resources for government officials, decision makers in city subsidiaries, managers of solution providers, researchers and interested citizens.

Some of the following publications are available as free download, others can be purchased. For additional information regarding individual publications or in case of questions and suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Die Europäische Stadt nach Corona - Strategien für resiliente Städte und Immobilien

Die Europäische Stadt nach Corona - Strategien für resiliente Städte und Immobilien

Europäische Städte sind von der Corona-Pandemie 2020 stark betroffen. Nutzungskonzepte werden in Frage, gewohnte Lebensweisen auf die Probe gestellt.

Dieses Buch entwickelt Anpassungsstrategien für Akteure in Städten: für Stadtentwickler, für Investoren, Finanzinstitutionen und entwirft Szenarien wie sich das Leben in europäischen Städten post-Corona verändern könnte und was eine widerstandsfähige Stadt auszeichnet.

Von Seiten der bee smart city GmbH haben wir ein Kapitel zum Thema "Beschleunigt die Corona-Pandemie den Weg zu intelligenteren Städten?" beigetragen.

Hier mehr Informationen zum Buch "Die Europäische Stadt nach Corona" erhalten!


Handlungsleitfaden Smart City / Smart Region

Smart City / Smart Region: Handlungsleitfaden für Praktiker*innen

Der 'Handlungsleitfaden Smart City / Smart Region für Praktiker*innen' zeigt Ihnen konkrete Handlungsschritte für die nachhaltige und praxisorientierte Transformation Ihrer Kommune zur Smart City auf.

Der Handlungsleitfaden stellt Ihnen drei Handlungsschritte vor, die eine sukzessive Weiterentwicklung Ihrer Kommune zur Smart City fördern und das Ökosystem von Smart-City-Lösungen in Ihrer Kommune systematisch beschleunigen. Checklisten und Beispielpräsentationen unterstützen Sie dabei. Fordern Sie den kostenlosen Smart City Handlungsleitfaden für Ihre Kommune noch heute an.

Hier den Smart City Handlungsleitfaden kostenfrei anfordern!

Smart City Atlas Deutschland

Smart City Atlas - Die kommunale digitale Transformation in Deutschland

Der Smart City Atlas der Bitkom zeigt Ihnen, welche 50 Städte die führenden Smart Cities in Deutschland sind und wie diese die kommunale digitale Transformation angehen.

Die Studie wurde in Kooperation zwischen Bitkom und dem Fraunhofer-Institut für Experimentelles Software Engineering (IESE) sowie den folgenden 13 Partnern erstellt: bee smart city GmbH, Capgemini Deutschland GmbH, Dell EMC (Dell GmbH), Deutsche Telekom AG, Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Esri Deutschland GmbH, FIWARE Foundation e.V., Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, MasterCard Europe SA, PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Robert Bosch GmbH, Stadtwerke München GmbH.

Hier den Smart City Atlas entdecken und herunterladen!


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A special report in The Times focusing on the latest advances in infrastructure.

Kicking off 2023, we are proud to continue our partnership with Raconteur and The Times with a special report focusing on the future of infrastructure. This time, bee smart city has partnered with the Global Infrastructure Investor Association and Global Infrastructure Hub as media and distribution partners.

This year’s report addresses some of the most difficult challenges that urban infrastructure is facing, and proposes novel solutions about how these challenges can be overcome. Some of the highlights include insights into public transport networks, the advantages of 5G connectivity, and a deep dive into renewable energy.

Read more about the "Future of Infrastructure Report 2023" here and download the report!



The Smart City Report 2022

We're proud to work with Raconteur on another exclusive report in The Times. This time, the theme is Smart Cities and how local governments and innovators are rising to the latest urban development challenges. Here's a quick overview of what's inside the report:

Smart cities can make our urban areas cleaner and more efficient, and our societies happier and more equitable. The challenges, however, lie in the details. This report explores the technology and policies helping us create the cities of the future.

Read more about the "Smart City Report 2022" here and download the report!

Future of Infrastructure Report 2022


The Future of Infrastructure Report 2022

A changing climate, as well as the changing needs of a growing population, are creating pressures on global infrastructure. How, then, is the industry adapting?

Once again, we are delighted to team up with Raconteur for another amazing report published in The Times. This time we explore the Future of Infrastructure and examine the most pressing matters facing the cities of tomorrow.

Read more about the "Future of Infrastructure 2022" here and download the report!

European Cities After COVID-19 - Strategies for Resilient Cities and Real Estate

European Cities After COVID-19 - Strategies for Resilient Cities and Real Estate

This book develops key messages for city stakeholders: how can cities and properties adapt to this crisis and how can public and private actors help to make cities more resilient in the long run.

The book is addressed to actors from the real estate industry and the city, to project developers, architects, planners, engineers, financiers, investors and asset managers - and to everyone who lives and works in cities.

From bee smart city, we have contributed a chapter to this amazing book, focusing on the question "Is the Corona pandemic accelerating the path to smarter cities?".

Learn more about the book "European Cities After COVID-19" here!

Smart Cities, Smart Future - Wiley Book Cover

Smart Cities, Smart Future: Showcasing Tomorrow

The new book “Smart Cities, Smart Future: Showcasing Tomorrow”, provides a richly detailed and carefully researched overview of the people, processes and technologies driving the smart cities movement globally. The book includes descriptions of ongoing smart city projects in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Written by Mike Barlow and Cornelia Lévy-Bencheton, the book includes a foreword by Di-Ann Eisnor, director of Area 120 at Google, and an introduction by Thomas Müller, co-founder and managing director of bee smart city GmbH.

Learn more about the book 'Smart Cities, Smart Future' here!

Lessons Learned Report: Indian Cities

Lessons Learned Report: Indian Cities

With its Smart Cities Mission, India hopes to generate a co-operative urban development model that can be adopted and replicated elsewhere.

The following report by EBZ Business School and bee smart city GmbH considers the Indian smart cities market from a real estate point of view, combining market lessons learned with personal career and management lessons learned by Indian market professionals.

Read more about the "Lessons Learned Report: Indian Cities" here and download the report!

Future Cities Report - Raconteur / The Times

Future Cities Report 2019

What does the city of the future look like? From Porto to Stockholm, New York to London, the Future Cities special report, published in The Times in association with bee smart city and Eurocities, explores the possibilities, from net-zero carbon buildings to offices which can actually boost productivity and increase engagement.

The report covers the need for public and private companies to work together in smart city development and how city data is transforming the way we live. Also featured is an infographic looking at the ways urban demographics are changing, and the problems this dramatic shift might cause.

Read more about the "Future Cities Report 2019" here and download the report!


Smart City / Inteligentnego Miasta: Praktyczny Podręcznik

Smart City / Inteligentne Miasto: Praktyczny Podręcznik

Odpowiedzi na powyższe pytania oraz gotowe do zastosowania rozwiązania znajdą Państwo w tym przewodniku dla praktyków. Przewodnik, w trzech prostych krokach, opracowany został z myślą o przedstawieniu w praktyce, konkretnych działań w kierunku zrównoważonego przekształcenia społeczności lokalnej w „inteligentne miasto”.

Praktyczny Podręcznik Smart City / Smart Region pokazuje konkretne kroki, które należy podjąć na rzecz zrównoważonego rozwoju i praktyczneprzekształcenie Twojej społecznościw „Smart City“.

Przeczytaj więcej o „Praktyczny Podręcznik Smart City / Smart Region” i pobierz Praktyczny Podręcznik!


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