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Smart City Solutions

Smart city solutions help cities to provide better services, to increase government efficiency and to tackle major challenges with the ultimate goal of creating a more livable, sustainable and prosperous city or community. In our solutions section, we cover new and proven solutions across all six smart city indicators - Smart Economy, Environment, Government, Living, Mobility, and People - to provide you with the right knowledge to help you identify and assess suitable solutions. To deep-dive into hundreds of solutions and to connect with thousands of experts and practitioners, join the global smart city network and community.
Joe Appleton7 min read

Leading Cities: Making EV Infrastructure a Reality

The 2023 QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge, a prestigious event hosted by Leading Cities in collaboration with QBE Insurance ...
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Laura Puttkamer7 min read

The Parks: The First Self-sufficient Smart City in Africa

When talking about smart cities, the African continent is often neglected. But there are many important developments there that ...
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Laura Puttkamer5 min read

HVV Switch: Multimodal Mobility in Hamburg

When you are using Hamburg’s public transport system, the symbol of a red power plug appears everywhere. This is the symbol of ...
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Laura Puttkamer6 min read

Digital Twins for Climate Change

Twins are “two offspring produced by the same pregnancy” – but they can also be made up of two similar or connected members, as ...
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Joe Appleton8 min read

What is Internet of things -IOT? Why is it important for Smart Cities?

Ever since the idea of a smart city was first introduced, Internet of Things technology has been a key pillar of smart city ...
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Rocío Moreno6 min read

Work Smarter: The future of the workplace

Over the years, the sophistication of technology has brought with it, consequently, the automation of jobs. Thanks to the ...
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Laura Puttkamer5 min read

A water smart city: Learning from Singapore

March 22 marks the annual World Water Day, a United Nations observance day highlighting the importance of fresh water. It is ...
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Joe Appleton10 min read

The Use of AI for Smart Urban Services in Smart Cities

When used correctly, disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence can improve our urban landscape for the better. ...
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Joe Appleton6 min read

NRW’s Smart Tourism Sector: For Innovation and Cooperation

The Smart Tourism sector has been in the news quite a lot recently. With cities struggling to maintain tourist numbers due to ...
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Jon Glasco8 min read

Mobile Broadband and the Future of Mission-Critical Communications

Cities must be prepared to respond to catastrophic storms, fires, mass shootings, pandemics, riots and other assorted crises. ...
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