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Smart City Solutions

Smart city solutions help cities to provide better services, to increase government efficiency and to tackle major challenges with the ultimate goal of creating a more livable, sustainable and prosperous city or community. In our solutions section, we cover new and proven solutions across all six smart city indicators - Smart Economy, Environment, Government, Living, Mobility, and People - to provide you with the right knowledge to help you identify and assess suitable solutions. To deep-dive into hundreds of solutions and to connect with thousands of experts and practitioners, join the global smart city network and community.
Joe Appleton6 min read

NRW’s Smart Tourism Sector: For Innovation and Cooperation

The Smart Tourism sector has been in the news quite a lot recently. With cities struggling to maintain tourist numbers due to ...
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Jon Glasco8 min read

Mobile Broadband and the Future of Mission-Critical Communications

Cities must be prepared to respond to catastrophic storms, fires, mass shootings, pandemics, riots and other assorted crises. ...
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Thomas Mueller6 min read

CityTech RUHR: How Cities Innovate through City-Startup Collaboration

The first edition of CityTech RUHR, Germany’s largest international smart city startup challenge, concluded with the successful ...
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Thomas Mueller1 min read

Solutions for Cities: International Digital Ideas Competition started

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed similar challenges to cities and municipalities around the world. What have we learned from the ...
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Jon Glasco8 min read

How Universities Add Value in Smart City Innovation

Urban innovators with smart city aspirations rely on university knowledge and resources when addressing complex issues. Through ...
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Lily Maxwell11 min read

Building Smarter: Smart Technologies for Design and Construction

Smart city strategy, now moving into its ‘fourth generation’, is today increasingly focused on collaboratively determining ...
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Bart Gorynski4 min read

The Use of Crowdsourcing to accelerate Smart City Development

The evolution of smart cities has shifted from technology-centered approaches via government-led strategies to a human-centric ...
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