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Nicole Becker22. November 20233 min read

Live-Webinar: Smart City Success - Finding the right tenders

Mülheim/Ruhr,  November 2023. bee smart city is pleased to announce an upcoming online seminar titled "Smart City Success - Finding Opportunities in the Urban Jungle." Geared towards companies seeking to position their products strategically within the smart city sector through public tenders, this complimentary webinar aims to empower participants with essential insights.

During our team's extensive research at this year's events like the Smart Country Convention in Berlin and the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona, we gained profound insights into future trends and discerned the upcoming procurement priorities of cities.

bee smart city extends a cordial invitation to all interested parties to join this informative session focused on public tenders within the smart city domain. Scheduled for November 29th, 2023, at 4 p.m. (CET), the 30-minute English-language webinar will be facilitated by Jens Steimann and Phil Brüggemann, offering valuable guidance for companies aspiring to be solution providers in the smart city sector. Attendees will also have the opportunity for a live chat with the speakers to address any additional queries. The webinar is open to all companies or organizations offering solutions and services within the Smart City landscape.


"Startups and particularly small and medium-sized companies often face challenges in navigating the landscape of public contracts, potentially missing out on opportunities to showcase their innovative products. Our webinar imparts fundamental knowledge on the search for public tenders, coupled with practical insights on how companies can streamline the process to identify the most relevant opportunities,"
explains Jens Steimann, Head of Sales at bee smart city.Webinar 29 November 2023- Tender Premium Service


  • What are the benefits of engaging in public procurement?
  • Where can one locate relevant public tenders?
  • How can companies identify tenders that align with their offerings effectively?
  • Bonus: Phil Brueggemann, shares some insights about his consulting experience with municipalities and what are the future trends for smart cities

Who should attend this webinar?

Our webinar is tailored for a diverse audience, welcoming both major players and smaller enterprises actively engaged in the smart city sector or providing solutions related to urban development and innovation. The target participants include:

  • Smart City Solution Providers:
    Companies offering cutting-edge technologies and services for enhancing various aspects of urban life, such as urban mobility, energy efficiency, environmental protection, and digital infrastructure.

  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs):
    Businesses in the SME category that are dedicated to developing and delivering innovative solutions to urban challenges. Our webinar aims to provide practical tips and strategies to enhance efficiency, especially considering the resource constraints often faced by these enterprises.

  • Smart City Startups:
    Entrepreneurial ventures spearheading creative approaches and technologies for smart city development. Startups will gain valuable insights and success strategies from our webinar to navigate the competitive landscape and thrive in their early stages.

  • Specialized Solution Providers:
    Companies focusing on specific solution areas within the Smart City context, such as mobility solutions (e.g., electric mobility, ridesharing), IoT (Internet of Things) applications, energy optimization, smart infrastructure, and more.

Whether you're an established solution provider, an emerging startup, or dedicated to developing innovative technologies in the smart city sector, our webinar promises to deliver valuable insights and advice. Join us for this special session to enhance your tendering strategies and achieve targeted success in the dynamic landscape of smart city initiatives.

Product presentation and live demo: your fast track to smart city tenders

In this Webinar, we offer a detailed product presentation and live demo of our Tender Premium Service. We will show you how to efficiently navigate the tendering process and successfully participate in smart city projects. Our platform provides you with a simple and quick solution to stay up-to-date with the latest tendering opportunities and capitalise on the best opportunities.

Successful use of the tendering service: examples and applications

We will also show you examples and applications that demonstrate the successful use of our tendering service. You will see how other companies have benefited from our service and how you can replicate this success.

Benefits of the tendering service: email your way to global opportunities

Our tendering service offers numerous benefits. One of the most significant is the ability to access global opportunities via email. We keep you informed of the latest tenders in your area of interest so you never miss an opportunity. In addition, we offer support and advice throughout the tendering process.

We look forward to your participation in this informative and enriching webinar. Our goal is to help you navigate the tender jungle and make it your territory for success. Register today and continue on your path to success!


Nicole Becker

Nicole Becker is Marketing Communications Manager at bee smart city. She is responsible for the Communication, optimization of our website, content creation, fairs, events and PR.