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Joe Appleton

Joe Appleton

Joe Appleton is a content strategist, editor and writer at bee smart city. He is particularly interested in the topics of smart and sustainable cities and urban mobility.


How the Urban Heat Island Effect is harming our cities

By Joe Appleton on Jul 9, 2023 1:25:00 PM

Heat everywhere, especially the cities are effected very hard, this phenomenon has a name called: "Urban Heat Island effect". We talk about the definition, impact, examples for Urban Heat Island effects and show some solutions how cites can manage this uncomfortable effect. The current climate crisis is having a drastic effect on the planet. While it’s easy to place the blame on rapid deforestation and unsustainable industry, one of the largest contributors to the current climate change phenomenon is much closer to home: our cities. 


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The 2023 FIWARE Global Summit: In Summary

By Joe Appleton on Jun 22, 2023 4:47:29 PM

Since bee smart city is a proud supporter of the FIWARE Foundation, we were lucky enough to attend the 2023 FIWARE Global Summit in Vienna, hosted by Stadt Wien at the city’s magnificent rathaus. Together with my colleague, Phil Brüggemann—one of our wonderful Smart City consultants--we headed to Austria to learn more about open-source, data sovereignty, and how to derive real value from data.


Open Data


NVIDIA Smart Spaces Summit Dives into AI-Powered Innovations in Traffic and transport

By Joe Appleton on Jun 13, 2023 10:03:58 AM

Learn from cities and enterprises that are using AI to build smarter, safer spaces, at this virtual event on Wednesday, June 21. AI-powered spaces are no longer just a vision of the future. They’ve arrived in today’s streets, stadiums, cities and public transport hubs — and they can be used across industries and applications.


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What is Internet of things -IOT? Why is it important for Smart Cities?

By Joe Appleton on May 14, 2023 1:21:00 PM

Ever since the idea of a smart city was first introduced, Internet of Things technology has been a key pillar of smart city development. As technology advances and more countries embrace next-generation connectivity, IoT technology will continue to grow and have a bigger effect on the way we live.  In this article, we explore IOT and its importance for the development of smart cities.

According to numbers from the Improving Internet of Things (IoT) Security with Software-Defined Network (SDN) study, there will be more than 75.44 billion connected IoT devices by 2025. With a forecast of over 7.33 billion mobile users by 2023 and more than 1,105 million connected wearable devices users by 2022, the Internet of Things is expected to grow into one of the smartest collective and collaborative systems in history.


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Special Event in May: Panel Discussion About Public Procurement

By Joe Appleton on May 4, 2023 10:44:40 AM

Join our exciting online event in May: An unmissable panel discussion focusing on the perilous journey of tendering, and a deep dive into the dark waters of innovation procurement. Be part of this special event, moderated by our very own Joe Appleton, talking to experts and industry professionals.


Smart City Event Press


The Use of AI for Smart Urban Services in Smart Cities

By Joe Appleton on Mar 19, 2023 1:51:00 PM

When used correctly, disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence can improve our urban landscape for the better. Drawing from huge resource pools and using a combination of modern machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and more, artificial intelligence can be leveraged to drive efficiency and improve the quality of life for the smart cities of the smart cities tomorrow.


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NRW’s Smart Tourism Sector: For Innovation and Cooperation

By Joe Appleton on Dec 21, 2022 10:26:43 AM

The Smart Tourism sector has been in the news quite a lot recently. With cities struggling to maintain tourist numbers due to the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis, it’s clear that something needs to be done. As a key pillar of any city’s economy, tourism is hugely important.


Smart City Innovation Smart Cities


Smart Infrastructure: Powering NRW’s Sustainable Future

By Joe Appleton on Dec 20, 2022 11:02:25 AM

Smart infrastructure is a broad term that covers everything from digital urban processes to traditional physical infrastructure, such as roadways, water services, and other city necessities. As cities expand and populations swell, urban services need to adapt quickly to overcome new challenges.


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Data Security: How do you Measure Data Loss?

By Joe Appleton on Dec 6, 2022 9:24:54 AM

If you’re talking about data with anyone in the Smart City industry, you’ll often be met with the quote: “data is the gold of the 21st century,” or something to that effect. Sometimes the word gold is replaced with oil but the intent is very much the same; data is a valuable commodity. So, what happens if you’re paying for a data transfer but the delivery doesn’t match your investment? We talk about data loss and how to measure and prevent it.


Open Data Smart Infrastructure Big Data


Global Mobility Call: A Holistic Smart Mobility Event

By Joe Appleton on Jul 5, 2022 3:40:10 PM

Recently, bee smart city were fortunate enough to visit the Spanish capital of Madrid and explore the Global Mobility Call, a holistic mobility event that aimed to unlock the future of smart mobility and address some of the biggest challenges that the transport industry will be facing over the next few years. Read more about sustainable mobility, transportation and the effects for the future:


Smart Mobility Smart City Event

Smart City Expo World Congress 2023


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