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Joe Appleton

Joe Appleton is a content strategist, editor and writer at bee smart city. He is particularly interested in the topics of smart and sustainable cities and urban mobility.

Blog Post by Joe Appleton

Joe Appleton3 min read

Smart City Expo World Congress 2023: Building a Better Tomorrow Today

The evolution of urban living and the vision of future cities will come into sharp focus at the annual Smart City Expo World ...
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Joe Appleton6 min read

How NRW is Changing the Landscape of Smart Mobility Solutions

Smart Mobility is one of the most talked about dimensions in smart city development. A strong and innovative mobility sector is ...
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Joe Appleton4 min read

Interview: 5 Minutes with Carlos Moreno

We were lucky enough to listen to an exciting talk by Carlos Moreno at an event in Poznan in October 2022. After the event, we ...
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Joe Appleton11 min read

Understanding Interoperability in Innovation Procurement

“Interoperability” is a popular buzzword in the innovation space. But what does it really mean, and why is it particularly ...
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Joe Appleton20 min read

Smart City Leader Interview: Jamie Cudden, Smart Dublin

Jamie Cudden is the leader of Dublin City Council’s Smart City program. The Smart City program focuses on embracing new ...
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Joe Appleton7 min read

How to Win a Smart City Tender: 5 Key Success Factors

Winning a smart city tender isn’t a matter of luck. It’s a matter of skilled planning, careful estimations, honest evaluations, ...
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Joe Appleton10 min read

Citizen’s Perspectives on Data Privacy in Smart Cities

As smart cities get smarter, citizens have begun to express concerns about the use of their data, and whether their privacy is ...
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Joe Appleton8 min read

Rethinking Urban Mobility for the Post-Covid City

“There’s a positive aspect of this horror,” the deputy mayor of Paris, Jean-Louis Missika, told the Washington Post. “Never has ...
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