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smart city strategy

Smart City Strategy

Cities around the globe are becoming smart. However, they are following different strategic approaches and a "smart city" can be defined in different ways. With our smart city strategy insights, we shed light on the latest trends in terms of smart city evolution, strategic approaches, project implementation methods and the role of different stakeholders. Learn how other cities become smart and implement smart city strategies. 

Joe Appleton4 min read

Bart Gorynski appointed as ASCIF Ambassador in Germany and Member of GISCEA

Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany & Abuja, Nigeria – 21st November 2023 In a significant move that underscores his expertise and ...
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Nicole Becker3 min read

bee smart city presents software for municipalities in Barcelona

Mülheim/Ruhr, 26th October 2023. Smart Cities, Smart Mobility, Smart Economy. Smart Building. In November, the smart city ...
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Joe Appleton3 min read

Smart City Expo World Congress 2023: Building a Better Tomorrow Today

The evolution of urban living and the vision of future cities will come into sharp focus at the annual Smart City Expo World ...
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Laura Puttkamer5 min read

Proximity: The Key to Green and Thriving Neighbourhoods

Smart cities are always looking for ways to make their neighbourhoods greener and more liveable. The COVID-19 pandemic has ...
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Nicole Becker5 min read

Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 and bee smart city renew collaboration

Muelheim/Ruhr, September 17th 2023. bee smart city is delighted to announce its continued collaboration with the Smart City ...
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Laura Puttkamer5 min read

What are smart parks?

Smart cities make us think of technology, apps, sensors, and screens. But there is so much more to an intelligent city of the ...
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Laura Puttkamer6 min read

Building smart cities from scratch

Building cities from scratch to make them smart has become a trend in urban planning. Examples such as Masdar City outside of ...
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Laura Puttkamer7 min read

Women in the Gender-Inclusive Smart City

On July 11th is World Population day and the motto is: Unleashing power of gender quality: Uplifting the voices of women and ...
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Laura Puttkamer5 min read

Exploring the Potential of ChatGPT in cities

Open AI’s chatbot ChatGPT has caused widespread debates over the opportunities, benefits and risks that artificial intelligence ...
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Joe Appleton9 min read

Smart City Resilience: Mitigating the Risks of Climate Change

Climate change is a very clear and present danger. Though the term usually conjures up images of melting ice sheets and dying ...
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