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Smart City Portraits

Explore portraits of leading smart cities from across the globe to learn more about their individual smart city strategy, key initiatives, innovative solutions and implementation best practices. Certain smart cities around the world are leading by example. By examining the approaches and solutions that are delivering the highest impact, these best practices can be more widely adopted to replicate their success.

Leuven Smart City Strategy - Networked, Smart, Climate-Neutral

Smart City Vienna: In Conversation

City Portrait: Smart Copenhagen

Smart City London: Europe’s Smartest City

Smart City Stockholm: A connected, sustainable, data-driven city

Ljubljana: A Smart, Green, and Sustainable City

Smart City Vilnius: Embracing the Arts and Cultural Heritage

Binh Duong: The Pioneering Smart City in Vietnam

Smart City Poznan: An Innovation Hub In The Greater Poland Region

Smart City Kochi - A vibrant and inclusive city of opportunities

Smart Dublin: Future-Proofing The Irish Capital

Smart City Rotterdam: A Leading Light In Smart Innovation

Smart City Lublin: A Smart City with a Social Dimension

Bologna: The Evolution of a Collaborative Smart City

Smart City Alba Iulia: Solutions For A Digital City

Smart City Palo Alto

Alba Iulia Smart City: A Quietly Created Hidden Champion in Europe

Smart City Bhubaneswar: A Citizen-Centered Approach for Smart Growth

Seoul Smart City Portrait: Collaboration and Smart Solutions - Part 2

Seoul Smart City Portrait: The Power of Citizen Participation - Part 1

Prague Smart City: Building a Bridge to a Smart Future

Smart City Zaragoza: The Power of Citizen Innovators

Smart City Taoyuan: Digital Infrastructure as Success Factor

A Portrait of the Smart City Winnipeg

A Portrait of the Smart City Tainan

Ipswich Smart City: A Holistic Smart City Program for Growth

Smart City Hamilton: The Steel Capital of Canada

Smart City Espoo: Intelligent Community of the Year 2018

A Portrait of the Smart City Chiayi, Taiwan

Smart City Antwerp: The European ‘Capital of Things’

A Portrait of the Smart Nation Singapore

Smart City Portrait Vienna: A Collaborative Smart City

Smart City Portrait: Barcelona

Amsterdam Smart City: A World Leader in Smart City Development

A Portrait of the Smart City Toronto